Pioneer4U IPV5 200W
8.6 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use

If you are in the market for a good-looking, well-priced mod with temperature control then read this review of the Pioneer4U IPV5. It is made by IPV Technology Co. Ltd. of Shenzhen, China. Previous version of the IPV used a single 18650 battery with wattage up to 80W, but the upgraded IPV5 uses two 18650 batteries with up to 200W of power.

Pioneer4U IPV5 200W Testing and Performance

I have been using the Pioneer4U IPV5 for the past couple of weeks and have been very pleased with the performance of the device. It has held up to some wear and tear from durability tests and come out looking pretty good. The power of this device is good, it goes all the way from 10W to 200W. The memory settings allow you to customize the wattage for your favorite tanks in standard and TC mode. The IPV5 has made our best mods advanced vapor list.

  • Powered by 2 x 18650 Batteries
  • SX330-200 Chipset Technology
  • Wattage Output: 10~200W
  • Voltage Output: 1~7V
  • Colors available: Silver / SS, Black, Blue, Red, White
  • Uses Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Control Range: 212-572F
Kit Contents
  • 1 IPV5 Box Mod
  • 1 Micro USB Cord
  • Instruction Manual

Build Quality and Design

I like the design of this mod. Its rounded and smooth edges make it comfortable when using. It looks good with different tanks and RDAs in the same colors and finish. It is eye-pleasing as well as functional. It is also very sturdy and durable with a heaviness that reminds me of die-cast metal toys.

The battery door is magnetic and can be opened from the side by grabbing it with a thumbnail but can also be accessed by pulling down with your thumb from the top. While this is easy for changing the batteries, it can become a fidget once you get used to opening it this way. I find myself playing with the door while holding it. It does also rattle just a little bit.


The difference here between this mod and some of the others of the comparable size, is that this mod feels heavy. It is very sturdy, I have dropped it (just the mod, no tank) several times from a waist-high table just to see if it would crack or fall apart and I only got a couple of scratches but no dents.

Ease of Use

This is a pretty simple device to use. I don’t know that I would recommend it to new vapers , it is more suited to intermediate vapers with an understanding of temperature control and coil/wire compatibility. Once you have set your wattage or heat where you want it all you have to do is fill a tank and vape. Pretty easy.


This mod feels very good in the hand. The edges and corners are rounded and smooth making it very comfortable to hold. It fits the hand well and the buttons are easily accessible for either hand (lefties or righties). The doors have a little indentation for easy gripping.

Features and Functions

The features for this include the Yihi SX340 chipset board, a host of built-in user protections (low voltage protection, low resistance protection, short-circuit protection, and reverse battery protection) temperature control, and a bright OLED display. Menu system is fairly simple, adjustments are made by pressing the power button along with the up/down buttons.

Wattage and Power

The IPV 5 is powered by two 18650 batteries with a maximum wattage of 200W. It has very good power output and accurate wattage settings. I tend to vape between 40 – 60 watts most of the time because I prefer a cooler vape. I tested the wattage at higher settings and they are good, just a little too warm for me around 120W.

Battery Life

Battery life depends on 3 things: coil resistance, wattage settings, and vaping frequency. If you are a chain vaper (like me) you will run through your battery quicker than someone who vapes less frequently. Also, higher resistances and lower wattage settings will use less battery power as well. So it really depends on your usage and settings as to how long between charges.


Priced under $50, this mod is a well-made piece of vaping technology that will be a round for a long time due to its versatility. It is compatible with tanks and RDAs with a minimum resistance of 0.15 ohms for standard coils and 0.05 for TC coils.

What We Liked

+ Firmware is upgradeable
+ Temperature control settings
+ Customizable memory settings

What We Didn’t

Battery door has a little play
No pass-through vaping
Wattage is changed through memory settings only

Final Verdict

This is a sturdy, well-made mod and I would recommend it to vapers wanting something budget-priced with TC mode. It does not come with a tank but can be used with any tank or RDA you have on hand. It is priced well for a 200W mod with temperature control. Make sure you check out all the License to Vape box mods we have reviewed to get a feel for some of the best mods available today.