Best Vape Accessories & Vaping Supplies in 2022

Which Vape Accessories and Supplies?

What Vape Accessories and Vaping Supplies Do You Need to Get Started?

For vapers just getting into DIY, figuring out what tools you need or don’t need can be a little confusing. There are all kinds of tools and gadgets that make life (and coil building) much easier.

The items listed here will help you get started building your own coils. For those who may have trouble building due to finger or hand dexterity, pre-built coils can be a lifesaver. This allows you to skip the wrapping stage and progress to attaching the coils to the deck and making wicks. For those who may not feel ready to take the next step yet, replacement coil heads and spare glass tanks, as well as o-rings, should be kept on hand for emergencies. Coil heads come in packs of 5 and replacement glass tanks are handy in case one cracks or shatters unexpectedly. Check out this list of the best vape accessories to keep on hand.

What Does A Building Kit Include?

The build kits are a great convenience because you can buy one that comes with everything you need to build coils, including the tools, wire and cotton wicking, which is great for someone just starting to build. These can be basic kits to more elaborate ones, there is a lot of variety in these types of kits. The Coil Master Kit has everything a new builder needs to get started.

Coil Jigs

coil-jigOne thing that is a big help to new builders is a coil jig. A coil jig is a tool for wrapping your coils that make it easier to get the wraps tight and make uniform coils easy. Some popular models are the Coil Master and Kuro Coiler. These are hand-held, come with a variety of size posts and are really simple to use. Now you do not necessarily need one, you can use a regular screwdriver equal to 2.5 to 3mm in diameter but a coil jig is nice to have in your collection.

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Pre-Built Coils

pre-built-coils-kanthalIf you’re not quite ready to coil-your-own yet pre-built coils are available from a variety of sellers and all you have to do is install them in your RDA and wick them. Some vapers have trouble making coils due to problems with finger dexterity, or they just don’t come out right, in that case, pre-built coils are a lifesaver.

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Battery Chargers

nitecore-digicharger-d4-batter-chargerThe batteries required to power most mods and sub ohm tanks are 18650 batteries. The most reliable batteries are the LG HG2, Sony VTC5, Samsung INR and purple Efest batteries. You cannot just use any type of battery charger, it has to be one made to recharge the type of battery you have.
Remember to use the right batteries for sub ohm builds and charge your batteries together. The term is called “marrying” when you have a device that uses 2 18650 batteries mark them and keep them together. This ensures even charging of your batteries and increased safety for your mod.

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Coiling Wire

The wire used to build coils will depend on the setting you use in your RDA or RTA devices. The types of wire include Kanthal (the most widely used), Nichrome (for temperature control or TC mode) Titanium, Stainless steel, and Nickel. These wires comes in a variety of lengths, with rolls being sold in length of of 25, 50 and 100 feet or more. 

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Vaping Cotton

organicjpcotton1_Cotton is what you will use in your rebuildables as a wicking material. When it comes to wicking your RTAs and RDAs, there is some debate over whether you should use organic Japanese cotton pads, cotton bacon, or silica wick. In fact, all three are good materials for wicking and do a great job of it. It mostly depends on your personal preference for working with the materials. Japanese cotton and cotton bacon are a bit pricey, but if you like the flavor you get with them then its worth it. Likewise, silica wick is sturdy and durable, but some people prefer the cleaner flavor they get from cotton. It all subjective. Try each one and decide for yourself.

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Ohm Meters

A must-have item for working with rebuildables is an ohm meter or ohm reader (same product). Whenever you are working with coils and batteries you need to protect yourself and an ohm reader helps ensure that you have no shorts or fluctuations in your build. With stories of exploding batteries in the headlines, we need to make sure that safety is always a number #1 priority. Test your coils before attaching them to any mod. This is, by far, one of the best vape accessories you can own.

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What to Look For


A Good Quality Battery Charger

Nothing can replace a good battery charger. Whether it’s a four-bay charger or a two, having freshly charged batteries ready will save you lots of time when it comes to vaping on the go. Batteries for vape devices are different than normal household batteries and cannot be charged in the same charger unless it charges those type of batteries as well (AA, AAA).

Ceramic Tweezers

If you plan to build your own coils you will also need a good pair of ceramic tweezers. These are great for squeezing your coils together so they are nice and tight. You don’t want any shorts or a hot-leg to cause you problems later. Ceramic tweezers have heat-resistant legs on them that help diffuse the heat away from the metal so it doesn’t get hot while you’re holding it.

An Ohm’s Reader is a Must

1-button functionality is ideal but not mandatory. That said, 1-button makes for a sleek and easy to use Vape Pen. Moreover, it’s “less to break”, meaning your Vape Pen is less complicated and now so is your life :).

What to Avoid


Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need

When you first start out building coils and using different setups, it is necessary to have a few tools on hand to help. You will need a pair of pliers, a set of tweezers, wire cutters and a screwdriver to wrap it on. The build kits are nice, just know that you don’t have to have one. You can collect tools as you go.

Look for Cheaper Alternatives

It is easy to pay more than you need to when it comes to buying vape accessories. Cotton pads like the Koh Gen Doh Organic Japanese cotton are great for making wicks but if your store doesn’t have it there are other places to find what you need. Sites such as, Ebay and even craft stores such as Michael’s may carry some much needed items like cotton, tweezers, and battery wraps.

Always Buy Batteries from a Vendor

While many non-vaping sites like Ebay carry some things like VG, cotton, build kits and etc, batteries should never be purchased second-hand or from a distributor that you don’t know. Some sites purchase batteries in lots and resell them but you never know what you’re getting. It’s best to spend a few more dollars and buy your batteries from a vape store. Batteries are some of the best vape accessories you can stock up on.

Why Someone Might Want to Build Their Own Coils

Other Vape Accessories To Consider