Who are the top 5 celebrity e cig vapers? Electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity among the Hollywood set. You’ll be surprised to find out which celebs are early adopters…

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britney spears e cig

Oops, she did it again.  Well this time, at least she did it right! Britney herself was seen smoking an e-cig, which we hope helps wean her off tobacco cigarettes. Now, if only we can get her to date the right guys. (Where’s the e-cig for that?)



Johnny depp celebrity e cig

First of all, this guy looks cool doing anything, (with the exception of a few Jerry Bruckheimer movies.) But he looked especially dapper when he was caught with an e-cig hanging from his mouth. Is that a Halo e cig?  Vape on, Johnny…


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leo dicaprio e cig

Remember how Depp played DiCaprio’s big brother back in the day in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Well maybe he’s acting like a wise older sibling to Leo in real life, as LDC was also spotted smoking an e-cig.

When Leo does something, usually the supermodels flock to him. Maybe that’ll work for the rest of us too?





barack obama cigarette

We’re not sure if he smokes e-cigs on a regular basis, but it has been reported that the U.S. president has potentially sampled them, alongside Senate Minority Speaker John Boehner, after they were sent to the politicians in a bid to get them to stop smoking.





kessler e cig

According to Businessinsider.com, Murray Kessler the CEO of Lorillard Tobacco, was spotted smoking an e-cig on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. That’s kind of like Tony Romo getting pumped up for a big game by watching footage of Tom Brady. Kind of, we said!

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