Innokin EZ Watt Box Mod
9.9 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use

As new vapers start gaining more experience, they soon find that the vape pen or cig-a-like device they started with no longer satisfies like it did when they first bought it. It’s time to look at maybe getting a beginning vape mod like this one from vaping industry giant, Innokin. The Innokin EZ Watt is their latest box mod designed for new vapers ready to take that next step.

Innokin EZ Watt Testing and Performance

As the name implies the EZ Watt is designed to be easy for any vaper to use. And it is. It is easy to fill, change the coil, and set your wattage. This device is a step up from the vape pen for new vapers who want a little more power but don’t feel ready for “a mod” yet.

Many new vapers actually stick with vape pens because it is easier than trying to buy a new device which may or may not work for them. Using low resistance coils for direct lung hits takes some getting used to when you have been using mouth to lung draws for so long.

  • Tank capacity 2.0ml
  • Top-fill design with twist off cap
  • Dual bottom airflow holes
  • Prism airflow technology
  • Dimensions: 4-9/16″ x 1-1/4″ x 13/16
  • Three Wattage Modes
  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Maximum Output Current:13.5A
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 7.5V
  • Minimum resistance: 0.2 Ohm
  • Colors: Black, Gray, Blue, Red, Purple
  • LED battery indicator (green, yellow, red)
Kit Contents
  • EZ Watt Mod
  • Prism T20S Tank (0.8 Ohm) (16 – 18W)
  • Spare Prism S Coil (1.5 Ohm) (13 – 14W)
  • Micro USB DC 5V / 1A Charging Cable
  • Set of Spare O-Rings
  • Spare Narrow Drip Tip Cap
  • Innokin Safety Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instruction manual

Build quality and Design

The build quality of the device itself is very good. The design is stylish and modern with a matching tank and colored o-rings. The tank is the Prism T20S tank and is protected by metal bands that go around it.

Two big windows let you monitor your juice levels and if it needs refilling just unscrew the top cap and drip into the large juice holes underneath.

It has a stylish look in matching colors and the colored LED lights on the power button tell you when your battery is getting low.


The device is constructed of stainless steel and glass and is very sturdy. The metal bands protect the tank from cracks and breaking, which is a good thing because if it breaks you have to buy a new tank. The metal covering and glass are all one piece and there is no spare included.

Ease of Use

The top-fill design makes filling the tank easy and changing out the coil is just as easy when the tank is empty. The coil heads sit in the base so all you do is unscrew the tank, turn it upside down, and pull it out. Replace the coil and screw the tank back down. That’s it and your ready to vape again.

The buttons on the front of the battery are the power button and the wattage settings. The settings are outlined on the bottom of the device in case you forget which ones are which. You click the bottom button through each setting indicated by “green” which is the lowest (13-14), medium which is “blue” (16 – 18), and the highest is “white” (30 – 35).


The rounded corners and slim body make this feel very comfortable in the hand. It is fairly lightweight and is mostly concealed in the hand. I have small to medium-sized hands and it almost disappears in my hand, except for the tank sticking up.

It works for stealth vaping when you want to take a couple of quick draws without anyone knowing.  Meaning when you’re with friends and family who haven’t quite accepted your new vaping lifestyle.

Features and functions

There are some pretty nice features for this device. It uses a similar style tank like some other Innokin products so it is familiar.

It has built-in user protections, comes with a spare .08 ohm coil, and is compatible with the Innokin Slipstream tank (purchased separately).

The mod itself can also be used with other tanks but will not fire below .02 ohms. The included 1.5-ohm coil head is perfect for a mouth to lung draw, while the .08 ohm coil is good for more airflow and slightly restricted direct lung draw.

Wattage and Power

The wattage is restricted to 35W no matter what tank you use. The integrated battery is 1500mah so depending on which coil you use, you may have to charge more or less often. The higher ohm coil will use less because it has more resistance and the same for the lower resistance coil, it will use more battery because it has less resistance. It also depends on your vaping frequency. It has a good power output for the device and 35W will power similar atomizers of the same ratings.

Battery Life

Since the battery is only 1500 mah, it will not last a long time if you vape a lot. If you vape frequently this might not be the mod for you, you might be better off getting something with larger battery capacity. But if you like how it vapes, it satisfies your need for nicotine, and you don’t mind having to charge more often then go for it. Whatever keeps you off cigarettes is the “right one”. It is all subjective to what works for you. Not all mods work for everybody.

What We Liked

+ Matching rubberized finish
+ It’s small and easy to carry
+ The maximum output is 35W
+ It is designed for new vapers

What We Didn’t

Airflow is not adjustable
Can’t skip through settings
Not compatible with T18 coils
Can’t change coils while the tank is full


– $29.95 to $31

I think Innokin has made a great product and I recommend it to new vapers and even old vapers who just want an easy to use device with a MTL draw. It’s easy to use and priced to fit any budget. It’s definitely a good value in my opinion. A complete setup for thirty dollars or less is a steal.

Final Verdict

The EZ Watt is the perfect vape mod for beginning vapers who want to take the next step up from a vape pen. The mod and tank look great together and it is a high-quality, well-made product. It vapes great as a Mouth-to-lung tank, which is something new vapers need, and it comes at an affordable price.