With all of the different styles of vape pens, from cigalikes to box mods, why is it that vape pens are so darn popular? Could it be that vape pens are the best vapes in existence in the best online vape stores? Read on to find out.

Vape Pen Benefits

There’s a reason why vapers love vape pens. Rather, there are many reasons why vapers love vape pens. Let’s explore some of these reasons why many vapers around the world choose vape pens as their vapes of choice. But before we get into all that, let’s run through what a vape pen is.

What Is A Vape Pen?

Vape pens consist of two main parts: a battery and a cartridge. The cartridge attaches to the vape pen, often by clicking or screwing into place. Once attached, the vape pen is made whole. The battery, quite obviously, is what powers the device. The cartridge, on the other hand, holds the e-liquid that is to be vaped. An atomizer is contained within the cartridge, often built right into it, and it is this atomizer that vaporizes the e-liquid inside of the cartridge. While one end of the cartridge attaches to the vape’s battery, the other end acts as a mouthpiece and it is through this mouthpiece that the vapor is delivered to the vaper.

What exactly are vape pens? Vape pens are vaping products, also known as vape hardware, that are designed to vaporize e-liquid. Essentially, they are one of the many forms of e-cigarettes on the market today, although they do find use with other substances beyond the e-liquid that is used in e-cigs.

With that out of the way, here are some of the reasons why vapers around the world love their vape pens.

Vape Pens Are Portable

Portability is a big deal for many vapers, especially those that carry their vape with them. For vapers with active lifestyles, having a vape that can fit in a pocket is less of a luxury and more of a necessity. With most vape pens, there’s plenty of space inside of a pocket to stash one away. This is not always true with vapes, as there are large vapes, such as box mods, that are not so easily concealed in a pocket. Add to this the shape of a vape pen, which is long and cylindrical like a pen or a pencil, and it’s easy to see why they’re so portable.

In the world in which most of us seem to live, one in which keys, wallets, and phones are always warring with one another for space inside of pockets, adding another item to the mix isn’t always a good thing, unless that item is small. Thankfully, vape pens are usually pretty small, making them easy to carry about in a pocket.

They’re Also Lightweight

Adding to their portability, vape pens are among the lighter vapes available. They might not be as small or as compact as a cigalike, but they’re definitely still portable. Slim and light, they make for great travel companions for vapers who appreciate a good cross between power and portability.

Vape Pens Work With Most E-Liquids

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why vapers opt for vape pens: e-liquid opportunities. In a world in which there are vape companies that sell hundreds of different e-liquid flavors, it makes sense that many vapers prefer to use vapes that can handle just about any e-liquid. That’s where vape pens come in, offering vapers the option to use whatever e-liquid they want and in doing so, opening up access to the wide world of flavors that are on today’s market.

They’re Easy To Use

Having to struggle to figure out how to use a box mod isn’t what every vaper is looking for. Many, as it turns out, just want some vapor and they don’t want to struggle to get it. Vape pens are easy to use, which makes them ideal for vapers who don’t want any hassles. Often times, there’s no need to replace any parts beyond the cartridge and, on occasion, the battery.

Typical vape pens have just one button. The button controls all of the different operations of the vape pen through a series of clicks. Many vape pen manufacturers program the button in the same way, making it easy for vapers to switch from one pen to the next. To use a vape pen, it’s often five clicks to turn it on and five clicks to turn it off. Once it’s on, pressing and holding the button usually activates the heating element and produces vapor. For vapes with multiple temperature settings or variable voltage, three clicks often cycles through the different temperature or voltage settings.

They Have Excellent Compatibility

Not all vape pens work with all cartridges, however, most vape pens seem to work with most cartridges. The reason for this is the threading that’s used to connect the cartridge to the battery. While not always the case, most vape pens today use 510 thread, which has become somewhat of a standard across the industry over the years. As a result, many cartridges are designed to be threaded onto 510 batteries and vice versa.

This means that vape pens work with a wide array of vape cartridges, providing users of vape pens with a lot of options in regards to what cartridges and batteries they use in conjunction with one another.

Some Offer Temperature/Voltage & Airflow Adjustments

Another reason why many vapers prefer to use vape pens is the options that they provide. While not all vape pens have features like variable voltage, multiple temperatures, and adjustable airflow, there are vape pens that do. These features allow vapers to customize the amount of air that mixes in with their vapor before inhaling and to adjust the vaping temperature, which in turns gives vape pen users more control over their vapor than they would have without these features. Controlling these variables allows vapers to control the density and the volume of the vapor that their vape produces, which is just one of the many reasons why vapers have come to appreciate vape pens with these features.

Vape Pens Are Relatively Cheap

Vape pens are popular, there’s no denying it, and it’s their popularity that has led to competition among vape companies, which has driven down the cost of vape pens over the years. Today, cheap vape pens are all over the place and vapers can pick them up for well under $100. Of course, there are more expensive models, but they’re somewhat a rarity in the vape pen scene as most vape pens are relatively inexpensive these days. Seeing as we’re not all rich, having the option to buy a vape for cheap is definitely a good thing and it’s one reason why many vapers have flocked to vape pens.

They’re More Powerful Than Cigalikes

Cigalikes are smaller, sure, but vape pens are more powerful and that’s a good reason for some vapers to use them instead. They have bigger, more powerful batteries and that makes a difference when you’re vaping. With a more powerful battery, vapers can take bigger puffs of vapor and they can also vape longer before having to recharge. Vapers who vape frequently often find that cigalikes require a lot of charging sessions, whereas vape pens can often make it through the day without the need for a recharge.

Are Vape Pens The Best?

As you can see, there are many reasons to buy a vape pen and some of them are quite good. While vape pens aren’t for everyone, there certainly are some great reasons why many vapers prefer them to other types of vapes. Whether or not a vape pen is for you depends on what you want out of your vape. If you want a vape that’s small yet powerful, easy to use, and can be used with just about any e-juice, then a vape pen might be exactly the type of vape that you need.