Vaping is the act of using an electronic cigarette or other similar vapor product to achieve a similar experience to smoking. The concept of vaping is simple; simulate smoking from a traditional cigarette with electronic means, no tobacco, and vapor instead of smoke.

Vaping has been in popular existence for about a decade now, and it stands as one of the most successful options for those who want an alternative to the traditional means of smoking. Vaping has truly changed the game, enabling millions of people to take control of their smoking and configure their usage to their personal preferences, with or without nicotine as they choose. There is a world of options when it comes to vaping, and it is utterly mind-blowing when you consider the number of products, the variety of choices, the ability to customize, and how versatile everything is. While smoking more and more seems like a habit from a bygone era, everything about vaping is modern, tech-savvy, and designed for an enjoyable experience.


Some of the many benefits of vaping include:

  • A completely electronic, smokeless process that uses incredible technology to produce amazing results.
  • No smoke; electronic cigarettes use a proprietary e-liquid blend, which gets vaporized to produce vapor that mimics smoke.
  • The entire experience is remarkably similar to smoking, but there is no tobacco, no substances burning, no combustion, and no smoke.
  • There are many thousands of options of flavors available, so you are never restricted to a single flavor or two, like with the tobacco and menthol of traditional smoking.

Thousands of product types exist, enabling vapers to explore the possibilities to find what works for them. Options include extremely basic devices designed for ease of use for beginners, along with the most advanced mech mods that enable users to customize every detail and build the electrical system from scratch. Simply, for every type of vaper, there is the perfect product waiting to make the experience enjoyable.


How Does Vaping Work?

While tobacco cigarettes involve a simple process that includes burning tobacco that has been wrapped in a paper tube, which gets lit with fire and then smoked, vaping is entirely different. Sure, tobacco cigs offer a soothing experience and the ability to consume nicotine, it also includes a cocktail of 4,000 different chemicals and toxins while leaving behind carcinogenic tar.

The basic experience of vaping includes a battery/ device for power and an atomizer that holds and vaporizes the vape juice into vapor. There is no tobacco included in the experience, and as a result, there is nothing to burn to create a smoke-like feeling. Here is a deeper look at the basic components of a vape device, what they do, and how they work together to produce the experience.

The Vape Battery: The battery is what powers the experience altogether, offering the electricity to run a vape pen/ e-cig/ mod. In some e-cigarette devices, the battery serves as the body of the device and gets recharged as needed. In other cases, such as with some mod vaporizers, external batteries are used to power the device.

The Tank/ Atomizer: This is what often serves to hold your liquid. The atomizer contains various parts, including a wick which carries the liquid from the holding tank to the coil and a heating element, which is what will turn the liquid into vapor in seconds upon activation, which will then get vaporized.
The Mouthpiece/ Tip: Like the name states, this is the aspect of the vape device where the user will place their mouth to vape.
Vape Juice: Vape juice, also known as e-liquid, is the fuel of the process and the equivalent of tobacco if you were to compare vaping to smoking. It can be purchased in a range of different ratios to produce a specific type of vapor, in thousands of different flavors, and with or without nicotine, as you desire.


Vape Device Styles

In regards to vape devices, there are a myriad of battery styles. Some are tube-shaped pens; some are box mods, which bear a rectangular, box-shaped design; some are all-in-one units that include all necessary vape parts in a single device. And then, in regards to variations among these basic styles; there are literally hundreds, if not thousands to choose from!

What a Beginner Should Know About Vape Juice
Vape juice is an essential part of vaping; you can have the coolest device, but without e-liquid, you can’t vape! Most beginners feel fairly comfortable choosing a classic tobacco or menthol flavor, due to the familiarity, as it can be a little unusual going after a flavor like blueberry cheesecake or amaretto sour if you’ve been accustomed to one taste while smoking for years.

Also, when it comes to vape juices, it is also suggested that beginners opt for liquids with a 50/50 VG to PG ratio, as this level tends to produce hits more like those of traditional cigarettes. Juices with higher VG levels tend to have less pronounced hits, with a smoother vapor.


Best Vape Devices for Beginners

When it comes to vape device styles, it is always best to opt for a more basic device when starting out. This is beneficial for several reasons, including simplicity, ease of use, affordability, convenience, and simply because a stripped-down device offers less to configure and worry about. While mods with detachable tanks and additional accessories offer excellent experiences, for beginners they are typically too advanced and complex. After using a more basic device for a little while and testing the waters, expanding to a more dynamic device will be much more enjoyable.