Vape pens are vape devices. They come in a wide array of styles, power levels, colors, with a massive array of options, but the one thing they all have in common in their pen-like shape.

Vape pens have been on the market for many years now, and they have been highly popular since they first hit the scene. They offer excellent experiences in a highly convenient format, which allows them to be very portable and accessible. They come in a huge range of varieties as well, ranging from very basic to very complex, which allows vapers of just about every level of vaping to enjoy them.


The History of Vape Pens

Vape pens evolved from e-cigs/ cig-a-like style products as a means of offering a more intense experience, with greater power outputs, larger tank capacities, and more versatility than was capable from the tiny size of the e-cig. The modern e-cig itself was developed by Chinese inventor/ pharmacist, Hon Lik less than 20 years ago, and today, there are countless versions and variations in existence.


What Sets Vape Pens Apart from Other Vape Styles?

There are quite a few different styles of vape devices available in the market, ranging from basic e-cigs/ cig-a-likes to vape pens, to all types of box mods, and unregulated mech mods. What sets vape pens apart as unique is the many features they offer, along with the great range in performance they provide. Their modern, simplistic shape is very much a selling point because many vapers prefer having a sleek device that slips easily into a pocket or a purse without detection. All the while, it’s easy to whip out in public and vape away, without causing a scene like other devices are known to do.

Vape pens come in many styles and configurations. Some are made to provide experiences similar to the most cutting-edge mods with controls, high power, and tremendous vapor abilities; while other styles of vape pens are more about offering reliability and simplicity for those who’d prefer to use a device that’s easy to use and learn when they start out vaping.


Vape Pen Styles

Among the many vape pen styles in existence, it is important to know that there is definitely more than one style of vape pen available to you. Whether you’re strictly into vaping e-liquids, or you’d prefer to use oils, concentrates, or dry herbs, there are a lot of pens that can fit your needs.


Anatomy of a Vape Pen

The basic anatomy of a vape pen is simple. There can definitely be some variation among the many products out there, but for general learning purposes, here’s a simplified breakdown of what to expect in terms of the most important parts of the vape pen:


Vape Pen Battery: The battery is the most essential part of the vape pen, and typically lithium ion batteries are used. This is the power source and often times, it serves as the entire body of the device as well. Batteries can be either internal or external, and they come in a huge range of power levels so you can choose one that fits your needs precisely. The thing with vape pen batteries is how cool the technology behind them really is. The current generated gets to a whopping 400 degree almost immediately, allowing you to vape in just a few seconds.

Tank/ Atomizer: The tank is what holds the e-liquid, and most of the time with vape pens, you need a proper tank to do this. There are some exceptions, but typically the tank gets screwed onto the vape pen with a secure fit. Tanks are usually constructed of either glass or polycarbonate material. Additionally, within the tank is the atomizer, which is where the magic really happens. The atomizer, with its heating element, is responsible for vaporizing e-liquid into clouds of vapor. The atomizer is such an important part of the process; it ensures your flavor is pure and your clouds are intense, and it really is the heart of the experience of vaping.

Sensors: Different pens operate in different manners, and most models use sensors to determine which style the device will operate in. Some vape pens automatically activate when a user inhales. Other styles feature a firing button, which has to be pressed to activate the device. Additional software usually contained within most devices control different aspects of the device for better functionality and a more seamless experience.


Choosing a Vape Pen

With such a large and diverse market, it can be difficult to narrow down your options if you’re aiming to purchase a vape pen. So, how do you choose one? Here are a few tips to make it a little easier:

● If you’re a beginner, opt for the most basic products available. Your aim is learning how to vape and testing things out, so the easier to use the vape pen is, the better.

● For intermediate users who know their way around a vape pen and want to start exploring more options, one thing to consider is going after larger devices. If you know you want a pen that lasts longer in terms of battery, a larger device will do you well because the larger the pen, typically, the larger the battery. Additionally, larger designs usually have larger tanks as well, which keeps your liquid supply more readily available.

● For advanced users, you know what to do; if you’ve gotten to the point of being advanced, you clearly know what you like and don’t like, so the vape world is your oyster.