E-cigarettes, what are they? Who uses them? Are they found in the best online vape stores? These are the questions that you will find answered in this vaping guide so read on if you want to know what e-cigs are and who they’re for.

What Are E-Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, vapes, and cigalikes. While they do go by more than one name, they are the same thing: an electronic device used to turn e-liquid into vapor for the sake of inhalation. As many, if not most, e-cigs contain nicotine in the e-liquid that they use, e-cigs are also known as electronic nicotine delivery systems, or “ENDS” for short.

What Is E-Liquid?

E-cigs, as previously noted, use something called e-liquid. In order to understand e-cigarettes, it’s vital to understand what e-liquid is. E-liquid, which goes by the names vape juice and e-juice, is a liquid that contains various ingredients, such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine liquid or salt, and flavoring. While there may be other ingredients in a given e-liquid, these are the basic ingredients most commonly found in today’s e-liquids. The PG and VG, as they’re commonly referred to, form the base of the liquid. These ingredients impact the volume, sweetness, and smoothness of the e-liquid. Flavoring is used to liven things up and make e-liquid taste like a range of different flavors, such as cherry, menthol, tobacco, mango, and even cotton candy. There are a whole world of e-liquid flavors today thanks to the use of flavorings.

On somewhat of a side note, there are some vapers that prefer to mix their own e-liquids using DIY e-liquid kits. These vapers mix together the ingredients mentioned to create their own blends of e-juice, creating a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else. By doing so, vapers can control the amounts of certain ingredients, such as PG, VG, nicotine, and flavoring, which allows for a fully customized vaping experience to be achieved.

Who Are E-Cigarettes For?

As the e-liquid used by e-cigarettes commonly contains nicotine, it may come as little surprise to find that e-cigarettes are, by some accounts, intended for tobacco smokers. By delivering the nicotine contained within tobacco to users without the smoke, e-cigarettes serve as an alternative nicotine delivery system to such tobacco products as cigarettes and cigars. While research into their health implications continues today, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that currently suggests that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than cigarettes. One notable difference between the two is that e-cigs do not produce smoke, they produce an aerosol referred to as vapor, and that vapor does not contain any tar like cigarette smoke.

Given that many of those switching to vaping are former smokers that don’t yet know how to vape, some e-cigarette makers offer new vapers vape starter kits that are aimed at beginner vapers.

Today, many former smokers have switched to using e-cigarettes and other ENDS such as vape mods and vape pens. The vaping industry is growing rapidly and has been doing so for a number of years. While e-cigarettes have actually been around for a while, they didn’t become popular until recent years. In fact, the first e-cigarette concept was introduced over 50 years ago by an inventor named Herbert Gilbert.

Types Of E-Cigarettes

These days, there are quite a few different types of e-cigs on the market for vapers to select from. One of the more popular is the cigalike, which is the standard e-cig that resembles a cigarette. Long, cylindrical, and battery-powered, e-cigs provide an experience similar to smoking a cigarette without the smoke that a cigarette produces when lit. There are also vape pens, vape mods, and drip vapes. With new technology being introduced regularly, there will almost certainly be more types of vapes in years to come.

How E-Cigs Work

E-cigarettes work by heating the e-liquid that is contained within them. In order to accomplish this feat, e-cigs typically rely on battery power. There are some vapes, although uncommon, that use other forms of power such as butane, although these are mostly if not entirely limited to the world of herbal vaporizers, which while similar is something else entirely.

Contained within an e-cigarettes cartridge, tank, or pod is an atomizer. Within the atomizer is a coil. When an electrical current is run through the coil it heats up. The coil is typically wrapped in cotton, which soaks up the e-liquid in the cartridge. As a result, the heated coil is able to heat up the e-liquid, which produces vapor. The vapor is then inhaled and exhaled by the user, which is known as the vaper.

How To Use An E-Cig

Many of today’s cigalikes lack buttons. They are operated through sensors that detect usage. This allows cigalike users to use their devices without having to press so much as a single button. With other vapes, there is often at least one button, which is pressed and held when it’s time to inhale.

With the many advances in vaping technology that have been seen in recent times, there are now vapes that are considerably more sophisticated than the original cigalikes. Some of these vapes have features that allow users to adjust aspects such as voltage and heat as well as airflow. Adjusting these variables gives vapers the ability to customize their vape and in doing so the vapor that is produced.

Vaping’s Cost

Vaping e-cigarettes is generally less expensive than smoking cigarettes. Today, e-liquid is rather cheap for the most part and so are e-cig batteries, coils, cotton, atomizers, and cartomizers. For reference, cartomizer is another name for an e-cigarette cartridge. E-cig refills for cigalikes are often more expensive than e-liquid bottles. Cigalike cartridges generally come prefilled with e-liquid and aren’t designed to be refilled, but rather thrown away once used. For this reason, many vapers use refillable vapes, which helps keep the cost of vaping relatively low.

In some cases, vapers vape for tens to hundreds of dollars per year. In other cases, vapers spend more. Regardless of the cost, it is typically less expensive to vape than it is to smoke.

Why Do People Vape?

While some people vape as a hobby, many vapers use e-cigs in order to get nicotine. As many of today’s vapers were once smokers, many vapers use e-cigs simply for the sake of nicotine.

Outside of those who use e-cigs for the nicotine, there are those who compete in competitive vaping competitions known as cloud chasing competitions. There are also those who like to do trick. Yes, there are vape tricks and you can find quite a few videos online of people performing them.

After reading all of this, you should now have a very good idea of what e-cigarettes are, how they work, and who they’re for. If you have any other questions about vaping, be sure to take a look at the rest of our vaping guides.