Australia’s government is not a fan of nicotine e-cigs and e-liquids right now, as one can ascertain from their strict vaping laws. Subsequently, vapers in the country can’t swing by a local vape shop nearby their residence and buy e-cigs or e-liquids that contain nicotine. While vape shops in Australia do carry e-liquids, the liquids that they sell don’t contain nicotine, which is exactly what a lot of vapers are after, especially those who are looking at vaping as a way out from cigarettes. But there is an answer to all of this and it’s one which many vapers in Australia already know: shopping on the internet.

How To Buy Nicotine Vape Online

The simple solution for vapers in Australia that want their nicotine e-juices: online shopping. It’s as easy as it sounds but there are some caveats.

Where To Shop For Nicotine Vaping Products

The first thing to consider is where to shop. Australian vapers need to find an online vape shop that is based outside of Australia if they want to buy nicotine vapes and liquids. Vaper Empire, which is based outside of Australia, runs an online vape shop that serves nicotine vaping customers in Australia. They carry a range of premium vaping products that they offer with and without the nicotine that some vapers are after. Because their nicotine e-juices come in different nicotine strengths, vapers can choose the strength that fits them best. And for those that aren’t sure which strength is best, they offer customer support in the form of an Australia-based team of experts that can be reached toll-free by phone or via e-mail or chat.

How Much Nicotine E-Liquid You Can Buy At One Time

The next thing for Australians to consider when shopping online for e-cigs and e-liquids that have nicotine in them is how much to buy. The reason for this is the restriction on the amount that can be purchased at one time. This restriction comes from the import laws that allow for nicotine vaping products to be purchased from companies outside of Australia. When importing these products for personal use, which is what they must be for as reselling them is prohibited, vapers are allowed to buy not one, not two, but three months of nicotine vaping supplies at a time. So how much is that? The government hasn’t said exactly what three months worth is so vapers have to figure that out on their own. Some shops recommend being conservative, which is perhaps the best advice that anyone can give right now.

Don’t Spend Too Much

If you spend more than $1,000 AUD on your order on vaping supplies, you’re going to get hit with an additional charge. Customs fees will increase the cost of your shipment. If you don’t want to pay more than you have to, keep your order under this dollar amount and you’ll be as happy as a koala munching on eucalyptus leaves!

Vaping Down Under

If you thought that vaping wasn’t a thing in the world down under, you’re wrong. Vaping has been taking off in Australia, growing in popularity with Aussies who are looking for a less harmful alternative to smoking cigs. Is it less harmful? While scientists continue to research the effects of vaping on the human condition, there is reason to believe that it is a less harmful alternative. Public Health England (PHE) is part of the public healthcare system in the United Kingdom and according to their research, which was actually executed by independent experts, the scientific evidence that we have today suggests that vaping is likely much less harmful than smoking.

While Australians lawmakers don’t seem to be particularly impressed with vaping’s reported ability to help smokers quit smoking, it doesn’t mean that Australian smokers see eye to eye with their lawmakers on this particular issue. For many Aussies, vaping has become a way of life and unless the current regulations on vaping products are changed, many of them will almost certainly continue to buy them online from companies like Vaper Empire, which has been providing Australians access to nicotine e-cigarette kits and nicotine e-liquid flavors since 2012.

Homemade Nicotine E-Liquid

The idea of buying nicotine liquid online and mixing it with easily acquired nicotine-free e-liquid flavors is an increasingly popular option among vapers in Australia. As e-liquid flavors that contain no nicotine are available for purchase at local vape stores, some vapers have turned to buying their nicotine liquid online and mixing it with the nicotine-free vape juices that they can buy in local stores to create their own nicotine e-liquids.

The Summary

Summarizing what you’ve learned here today, vapers in Australia do have options at their disposal for buying and even creating nicotine e-liquids, which can be used with electronic cigarettes. Some vapers prefer to buy refillable vapes while others prefer to use e-cigarettes with cartridge attachments that come prefilled and are not designed to be refilled. Whatever the preference, all of these options are available to Aussie vapers, making it possible to try vaping as an alternative to smoking.