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Vaping in West Virginia is fast becoming the most popular hobby among teenagers, and with good reason. While scientists from the WHO study and debate whether e-cigs offer a healthier alternative to smoking, many former smokers and curious high school students in Huntington are making up their minds. Vaping does not produce tar or contain any trace of burning leaves, giving them a lighter hit than traditional cigarettes.

According to the report by the West Virginia State Health Officer, 35.7% of high schoolers in cities like Huntington use vapes regularly, with 5.7% of the adult population.

You can find 15 vape shops in Huntington, WV, selling a wide array of flavors and equipment, like the Mi-Pod vape starter kit and CBD juices to help you relax after a long day. All you need to do if find one that’s a good fit for your needs or at least the closest vaping store near you.

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