Vape Shop Salem NH

There are only four vape shops in Salem, NH. These shops are known to have friendly staff, reasonable pricing, and a good selection of e-juice to choose from. In addition, they sell a wide range of vaping accessories, e-cigs, pens, tanks, and CBD vape juice. So even though there might not be a close vape store to you, visiting them is still worth it.

About 30,080 residents live in Salem, NH. Being built in 1783, the meetinghouse of the old north parish still stands, now known as the Salem Historical Society Museum. Salem, NH, has a popular amusement park, Canobie Lake Park, and boasts America’s Stonehenge.

Salem was once home to The Rockingham Park racetrack, most notably featured in the movie, The Sting. The once Salem Glider Airport even appeared in The Thomas Crown Affair film.

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