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Vaping represents one of the most realistic alternatives to smoking that has been around for more than twenty years but has only recently become mainstream. Many experts say that vaping provides a healthier alternative to cigarettes, and any good vape shop will help you create a vaping routine that works best for you. It’ll be even better if you find a good vape store near you.

Orlando, FL, became one of the earliest states in America to adopt vaping, with 16.6% of its young population picking up the habit from a recent Florida Youth Tobacco survey. 5.9% of adults in the city vape. Most of these adults are smokers trying to quit by focusing on an alternative with fewer carcinogens and tar.

You can find 240 vape shops in Orlando, FL, selling a broad range of wares. Some of the most popular ones come from brands like HorizonTech, GravLabs, and VaporMood.

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Mr. Mojo's Smoke Shop
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