Vape Shop Fairbanks

Finding the perfect vape shop in Fairbanks, AK, can be challenging. Nonetheless, we’ve researched the city and found high-quality vape shops with unique features and products.

Four shops aren’t as many as other cities across the United States have. However, this number makes Fairbanks one of the biggest hubs for vape enthusiasts in Alaska. You can find most of the vape shops in Fairbanks near Steese Highway, and another one tucked away in a small commercial district near Cushman Street. These vape stores might not be near you, but we recommend you still make the trip for the quality products.

Two of the most popular vape shops in Fairbanks are Andy’s Smoking Shop and Arctic Vapor LLC. Both have quality selections of e-juices, vapes, and e-cigs. They also feature strong mods and batteries for experienced vapers.

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Andy's Smoking Shop
201 Old Steese Hwy , Vape Shop Fairbanks, Vape Shops In Alaska 99701