The Kylin RTA
9.6 / 5 Reviewer
Build Deck9.3
Liquid Capacity10
Vape Flavor10
Vapor Cloud9.4

If you are in the market for a rebuildable tank that performs like an RDA, here it is it’s the Kylin from Vandy Vape and it is drawing lots of attention due to its unique design and build deck. Read on to find out more about it and how it performs.

Kylin RTA Testing and Performance

I have spent the last week getting to know this device and so far it is performing really well. The build deck is a little different from similar RTAs but in a good way. I was a little intimidated when I took it out of the box but soon learned it was easier than it looked.

The packaging that it comes in is rather plain but it’s Okay. It comes with spare parts and extra drip tips, and even an adapter to use your own standard drip tips. Here are some specification for it and an overview of how it performed during testing.

  • 24.5mm X 43mm (2 ml)
  • Postless, gold-plated deck
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dual bottom adjustable airflow
Kit Contents
  • Kylin RTA
  • 510 adapter
  • Extra screws
  • Spare glass tube
  • Longer glass tube
  • 2 extra Delrin drip tips
  • Extension for 6 mil mode
  • Extra O-rings and Allen key

Build quality and design

The design is really very nice. The knurling on the top cap makes it easy to grip and turn without pulling the tank up with it. The adjustable airflow control at the base clicks is easy to turn and clicks for ¼ open, ½ way, and all the way open.

I am really starting to love these postless build decks. The designs differ in each one but they are making them so easy to build on. This one makes a little cradle for your coils to sit in with plenty of airflow and room for wicking. I only used it in dual coil mode but I think it would perform just as well with a single coil.


The stainless steel construction of the chimney and barrel sections make this RTA very sturdy. The build deck is all one piece, solid construction with no parts to come loose. The glass tank section fits snugly over a silicone band on the deck so it is easy to remove without worry of breaking and the tank does not come loose when opening the cap.

Ease of Use

The beautiful gold-plated build deck is easier to build on than it looks. At first glance, I was trying to figure out where the coils sit because there are two holes in the center (which I found out later was for airflow) and the screws to tighten your wires come in from underneath. Once I got my build in there and wicked it, the rest was easy to assemble and vape. It is pretty easy to use for an intermediate to advanced vaper.

Vaping Experience

I really enjoyed using this tank. I love RDAs and RTAs for the ability to use my own coil builds and customize it to how I vape. I like to use it in the extended mode because I like big tanks.

The postless deck is pretty easy to build on once you figure out the correct placement for your leads. You do have to trim them before installing because there is nowhere to snip them from underneath. I used a 0.3-ohm dual coil build for testing and it works just perfect. I get intense flavor and gorgeous vapor with no dry hits or gurgling.

There are slots on the sides for wicking and it does a great job of that as long as you don’t overstuff it with cotton. I like to trim my wicks at an angle and fluff out the ends. It seems to be just the right amount to fill it without being too much.


Filling the tank is super easy. Just unscrew the cap and drip your juice between the chimney and sides of the glass. There are no juice ports on this to drip into so you could literally just take the top of your bottle and pour it in but it is easy to overfill this way. I would stop just a little below the top to keep from having to wipe it down from the excess juice.


I didn’t have any issues with leaking from the bottom, but I really think they need to put some kind of barrier piece between the top cap and glass tank so you can overfill it. When you tighten down the cap you always seem to squeeze out a little bit of juice that gets on your finger and around the top of the glass.


The vapor production on the Kylin is stellar. It produces tons of satisfying vapor with no burning or dry hits whatsoever. The air channels underneath and along the side of the coils draw in a good amount of air to create big, fluffy clouds.


The Kylin hits the flavor spot on. Their design and placement of the airflow holes really help create an intense flavor. The flavor sometimes gets muted in tanks, but not in this one. The barrel is rounded at the top to make the conical shape that contributes to increased flavor.

What We Liked

+ Hybrid compatible
+ Choice of Delrin drip tips
+ Ability to change from 2 mil to 6 mil
+ Choice of using single or dual coils
+ Compatible with Goon-style drip tips

What We Didn’t

No barrier between the cap and top of the tank so juice sometimes gets squeezed out the top when closing.


I have seen this tank listed between $25 and $35 through various online retailers. It is definitely a popular item because many shops were out of it when I looked to get an average price.

Final Verdict

The Kylin RTA from Vandy Vape is overall a really great rebuildable tank. The postless build deck is really nice and gives the option of a single or dual coil build. You also have the option to use it in the 2mil or 6 mil mode thanks to the extra glass tank and chimney extender, and the inclusion of 2 extra drip tips lets you customize the tank the way you like it for a very affordable price.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great value for the money and a well-performing tank. Vandy Vape is a well-known manufacturer of quality products and this one is no exception.