Our friend Justin Boggs at SigEcig has written an incredibly informative new guide to 510 threaded cartomizers. From the article:

510808imagesThe 510 cartomizer refers to the particular design of threading that the cartomizer has. As you can see from the picture above, these are the two main thread types, and they are opposites of one another. 510 Threading means that the e-cigarette battery has the “female” 510 fitting, while the threading on the atomizer/cartridge or cartomizer has a “male” fitting. In short, the simple explanation is that any 510 “female” battery can be fitted with a 510 “male” cartomizer in a pen. (510 threading are also compatible with 306 models)

After spending a ton of time on google searching for 510 threading compatibility, we noticed that there wasn’t a good resource for vaping enthusiasts or “cig-a-like” ecigarette users that listed all of the brands that use the 510 attachments  for any device including eliquid pens. So, we decided to make a compatibility guide ourselves. This is the most comprehensive list of brands and devices compatible with 510 threading.

So go check out the article and let Justin know what you think!