e cigs are better

A study conducted on 60 subjects at the Onassis Surgery Center in Kallithea, Greece has shown that vaping does not have a deleterious effect on the coronary artery blood flow and vascular resistance. Not only this, vaping does not lead to an elevation of carbon monoxide levels in the blood. Tobacco cigarette smokers, participating in the study, reported adverse data with respect to coronary microvascular flow and resistance, whereas measurements for vapers showed no change.

According to the medical community, the health advantages that ecigs provide can be attributed to the elimination of tobacco from the mix that e cigs contain. While nicotine is often singled out as the bad guy, there are literally hundreds of chemicals in tobacco whose extremely harmful effects on the body are yet to be understood. Ecigs keep you safe from these and help you quit smoking.

Dr. Konstantin Farsalinos who led the research, said “This study adds to currently available evidence that supports that electronic cigarettes are significantly less harmful compared with tobacco, monitoring of consumers for several years will determine the long-term effects of electronic cigarette use.”