Our South Beach Smoke review ranks South Beach Smoke second out of all pre-filled e-cigs. They are narrowly edged out of the top spot by our V2 Cigs review. South Beach Smoke recently did a major brand overhaul and it really worked. The vapor production is very good, the throat hits are perfect and the flavors they offer are top notch – and honestly rank up there with some of the better e-juice flavors.

Buy the South Beach Smoke Starter Kit If You:

– Want a premium quality pre-filled e-cig for an economical price

– Want a wide variety of delicious flavor choices but don’t want the hassle of filling your e-cig with e-juice

– Want a portable sized rechargeable e-cig that looks cool and mimics a real cigarette.


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Vapor + Throat Hit:  9 out of 10

We vaped like maniacs for our South Beach Smoke review and found the vapor production to be very good, bordering on excellent. For a pre-filled e-cig, this is very impressive. We routinely got huge clouds of thick vapor from both batteries and all of the cartomizers. The only reason the South Beach Smoke review loses a point in this category is it sometimes took extra effort to get that big vapor cloud. For pre-filled cigs, our V2 Cigs review is a bit better in this category. And more advanced, refillable e-cigs like Halo E Cigs and the Vapor Zeus in our Vapor4Life review produce more consistent vapor volume.

South Beach Smoke really nails the throat hit. Each flavor’s throat hit was the perfectly calculated strength. The tobacco flavors have little more intense throat hit, while the pina colada flavor was a bit more subtle.

Battery + Hardware:  9 out of 10

south beach smoke review

Our South Beach Smoke review covers the Deluxe Plus Starter Kit – which is their most popular kit. The kit comes with two batteries; one standard and one high capacity. According to South Beach Smoke, the standard battery will give you 300-400 puffs on a single charge, and the high capacity will give you 500-600 puffs. We’re not sure about the exact number of puffs but we can tell you the regular battery lasted for half a day of regular vaping. The high capacity battery lasted a full day. Make sure to have one charging while you are vaping the other battery.

The South Beach Smoke design is very similar to their sister brand – Eversmoke (check out our Eversmoke review). The battery itself is white with thin circular lines that make it look similar to a real cigarette. Similarly, the cartomizers are designed to look like cigarette filters. The battery has a nice weight to it that makes it feel well constructed. And the glowing LED tip looks better than most other brands. Overall, South Beach Smoke looks and feels like good quality hardware.

We don’t usually comment on packaging, but we feel it’s necessary here. South Beach Smoke did a total brand redesign and it worked wonders. Their packaging, branding and overall look and feel is really cool. It’s slick and retro. Nice job, South Beach Smoke.

Price ($89.99):  10 out of 10

Our South Beach Smoke review covers the Deluxe Plus Starter Kit. At $89.99 it really is a good deal when compared with similar starter kits. Some brands charge much more (we’re looking at you V2 Cigs), for less product. The Deluxe Plus Starter Kit includes the following:

– 1 standard battery

– 1 high capacity battery

– 1 power cig (plug into a USB drive and vape)

– 1 USB charger

– 1 car adapter

– 1 carrying case

– 10 large nicotine cartomizers (equals 14-16 packs of regular cigarettes)

Flavors:  9 out of 10

south beach smoke review flavors cherry

Look, we’re biased – we’re never going to give pre-filled cartomizer flavors a perfect score because they just can’t compare to some of the handcrafted e-juice flavors. Firebrand, Halo and Vapor4Life are some of our favorite e-juice brands. But as pre-filled e-cigs go, South Beach Smoke did a damn good job with their flavors. For our South Beach Smoke review, we tried the following flavors:

Classic Tobacco (24mg nicotine) – South Beach Smoke did a great job recreating the taste of a standard cigarette with this flavor. It’s similar to a medium flavored cigarette. Classic Tobacco is smooth with a slightly sweet finish. The throat hit is mild and very smooth.

Tobacco Blue (24mg nicotine) – This is similar to the Classic Tobacco, but with a little drier taste. The finish is not as smooth and subtle as the Classic Tobacco. It’s similar to a Parliament cigarette. The throat hit is mild.

Tobacco Gold (24mg nicotine) – We found the Tobacco Gold to produce a little thicker vapor cloud. It’s also a touch stronger and more robust than the other tobacco flavors. Similar to a Turkish style cigarette. The throat hit is more pronounced but still smooth.

Peach (24mg nicotine) – This was our favorite flavor. It has a strong (but not too strong) peach flavor and it’s absolutely delicious. Honestly, this flavor competes with some of the better e-juice flavors. The throat hit is very smooth. We vaped this one all day. You’ll think of lazy summer afternoons while vaping this one.

Peppermint (24mg nicotine) – A nice, subtle peppermint flavor that leaves your mouth feeling fresh. The throat hit is very subtle and there is also a slight menthol taste.

Pina Colada (24mg nicotine) – Tastes like a delicious poolside pina colada. South Beach Smoke mixed this one perfectly so it’s not too sweet. The throat hit is barely there but still effective.

Cherry (24mg nicotine) – This was another favorite. It tastes like fresh cherries and packs a surprisingly powerful punch. The throat hit is more pronounced than other fruity flavors. The vapor production on this one is fantastic.

Chocolate (24mg nicotine) – It does taste like chocolate, but I wouldn’t be able to vape this all day. It’s good for an after dinner vape. The throat hit is subtle.

Menthol (24mg nicotine) – For menthol fans, this one will really impress. South Beach Smoke doesn’t skimp on the menthol flavor. The throat hit is medium and vapor production is very good.

Vanilla (24mg nicotine) – The vanilla taste starts out enjoyable and strong, but there is an odd after taste. The throat hit is very subtle. Vapor production is above average.

Warranty + Customer Service:  10 out of 10

While writing our South Beach Smoke review, we interacted with the South Beach customer service team a few times. Their staff is truly top notch – very responsive and helpful. Their warranty details:

– 30 day money back guarantee

– Lifetime warranty

South Beach Smoke Review Final Score:  9.4 out of 10


South Beach Smoke Review for 2024
9.5 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use10