Our Smokio E-Cig review shows the electronic cigarette industry is continually pushing the technological boundaries of vaping devices. And with the Smokio Mini, you don’t have to be a technophile to utilize the really useful features of the e-cig and its app connectivity. The Smokio is incredibly easy to use and sync with the Smokio app. And best of all, the Smokio gives you a really great vape.

Buy The Smokio E-Cig If You:

smokio mini e cig starter kit

* Want to try the first ever e-cig that synchronizes to your smartphone or tablet

* Desire a small, but long-lasting battery that gives you at least 7 hours of vaping time

* Are health conscious and interested in tracking your vitals

* Want to electronically (and automatically) keep track of your vaping usage

Battery + Hardware: 10 out of 10

smokio electronic cigarette app

This is one of the coolest, most forward thinking e-cigs we’ve ever seen. Once you download the free Smokio app (available through the App store or Google Play,) you then use Bluetooth technology to synchronize it to your e-cig. Why? Because it keeps track of how many e-cig puffs you take daily, even translating that into its cigarette equivalency! From there, it can estimate how much oxygen you’re returning to your blood, how much your life expectancy has ideally increased and all the benefits vaping over smoking has to your heart. For those who switched to vaping for health reasons, this technology really comes in handy!

And it doesn’t just stop with your health vitals. It also keeps track of how many days you’ve been vaping verses smoking cigs, and let’s you know how much money you’re potentially saving!

The Smokio Kit Mini includes a 650mAh smart battery, a refillable tank (called a clearomizer), a USB charger, a user manual and a replacement coil.

Note: For only a few bucks more, you can get a larger battery (900mAh) in the Smokio Kit Classic.

When the clearomizer is attached, the mini (which comes in either black or “metal”) runs 6.3 inches, and has a pretty thick, heavy base. To fill the tank with the e-juice of your choice, you unscrew the base of your clearomizer and fill it up, screw it back on and start vaping.

Vapor + Throat Hit: 8 out of 10

The Smokio Mini is overall a really solid e-cig when it comes to vapor production. On most puffs you will get thick clouds of delicious vapor. However, there are inconsistencies and sometimes the vapor can be a bit thin.

Throat hit depends primarily upon your choice of e-liquid, but the Smokio Mini definitely provided the expected type of throat hit for each particular e-liquid.

Through the Smokio app, you easily choose the amount of nicotine you desire, plus the intensity of the vape itself. (Low, medium or high.)

Price: 8 out of 10

smokio ecig starter kit

From $74.90 for the Smokio Kit Mini (and $84.90 for the Smokio Kit Classic,) these aren’t the cheapest starter kits around. However, you’re not only paying for a sleek e-cig, you’re stepping things up with Bluetooth technology. For gadget-philes, this is definitely a plus!

Warranty + Customer Service: 9 out of 10

The 6-month warranty is pretty basic and covers defects or damage that may have occurred before shipping. (There are some exceptions.) The website answers a lot of frequently asked questions and you can email them if you need extra help. You can also – and maybe more easily – contact a rep via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Smokio Review Final Score: 8.8 out of 10

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