SMOK Stick Prince with TFV12 Prince
9.9 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use10

When you think of vape pens, you picture a small pen-size device with a tiny glass tank that holds 1.6 mils of e-liquid. Well, not this one. This one is from Smok and includes the TFV12 Prince tank. It combines the ease of a pen with a powerful sub-ohm tank that produces clouds of vapor. Here is a little more information about this device.

SMOK Stick Prince Testing and Performance

When testing out a new device I like to give it at least a few days to a week to accurately review it. It may act differently the second or third day than it did the first, so I don’t want to rush it. I spent about 30 hours overall testing and charging this device to see how well it performs. It is a relatively simple device that is easy to use and charges pretty quickly. Below are some features of the device and how it performs.

  • Size:85 mm H X 24.5mm W
  • Output wattage: 80W-100W (smart)
  • E-liquid capacity: 8 mil bubble tank
  • Direct Voltage Output System
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh
Kit Contents
    • 1 Stick Prince Battery
    • 1 TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank
    • 2 0.17ohm V12 Prince-M4 Cores
    • 1 MicroUSB Cable
    • Spare Parts
    • Instructional Manual
      • Available in 8 colors
      • 8 Seconds Protection
      • Low Voltage Protection
      • Short Circuit Protection
      • Low Resistance Protection

Build Quality and Design

Smok is a quality manufacturer of vape products, and as usual, the build quality of the device is good. It is a very simple device with 1-button functionality. It uses the standard 5 clicks on/5 clicks off, and the LED lights around the power button flash when the battery is getting low or you reach the 8-second cutoff. When you hold the power button longer than 8 seconds while vaping it will flash and then turn off. This is part of the built-in protections. You also cannot use coils lower than .01. If you try to use a coil that is too low it won’t let you. It will flash several times and then turn off.



The battery section of the device is sturdy and well-made. It won’t break if you drop it. It is made of stainless steel and the simple construction of the device makes it impossible to do much damage to it because there are no exterior buttons (other than the power button) or screens to scratch or break.

The tank section, however, is a different story. One of the cons of this device is that it does not come with a spare glass tank. If it breaks you will have to order a new one and wait for it to arrive.

The problem that I had with it is that it is a little top heavy and is vulnerable to being knocked over when standing upright. I would lay it down on the desk or table, but then you have the rolling issues. It would have been a plus to add vape bands to protect the tank.

The airflow on this tank is good. I tend to close mine down to about halfway and that works for me. The airflow control ring is easy to turn and stops fully open and fully closed (meaning it doesn’t spin all the way around). This lets you customize the airflow to your liking.


Ease of Use

This vape pen is very easy to use, especially for beginning vapers. There is a single button and no screens or menus to fiddle with. You also do not have to set your wattage because it automatically senses the coil settings and adjusts the wattage accordingly.


Vaping Experience

My experience using this e-liquid vape pen overall was good. I like that it is easy to use, and I can vape while it charges. I didn’t have any issues with it and it performs the way it is supposed to. It’s great for trips to the store or running errands when you don’t want to carry a big mod with you. It is also small enough to slip in your pocket or purse for the day and not worry about it.



Filling this tank could not be any easier. Push in on the little button on the front of the cap and twist to the right. Place your bottle tip inside the kidney-shaped opening and fill to the top of the tank. To close push twist to the left and press down to make sure it locks in place. Make sure to close off your airflow before filling to avoid leaks.


Only issues with leaking were when I forgot to close off the airflow before refilling the tank. It leaked a little from the airflow holes but as long as I remembered to close off the airflow before opening the tank and making sure the top was closed tight before reopening the airflow, it worked like a charm.


The cloud production is very good. Thick, dense vapor. The coil heads have plenty of juice slots so there is no worry of dry hits and that helps with vapor production as well. The vapor does get weak as the battery drains so use that to determine when to charge the battery.


The flavor of your juice comes through without any muting. I used a Coconut cake e-liquid with this tank and the flavor of the coconut is sweet and crisp.



This is a good deal for the money. It makes a great starter kit for someone who wants to try vaping but doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on equipment. The price for this device right now is between $30 and $35 at most retailers, which is a steal for a complete setup. The kit comes with everything you need to get started except the e-liquid. Add on $20 for juice and you’re set for a total investment of $50.

What We Liked

+ Easy to use
+ 1-button function
+ Large tank for e-liquid
+ Good value for the money

What We Didn’t

Is a bit top heavy
Does not come with a spare tank
Performance dips when the battery goes down

Final Verdict

The battery life for this device depends on how much or how little you vape it. For me, I vape a lot and because of that, the battery would last me about 4 hours on the average if I just sit and vape it continuously.

For someone who vapes less frequently, you could probably go all day without having to recharge. This device is perfect for new vapers and soon-to-be vapers. The price is good for any budget and the simple 1-button functionality makes it perfect for beginners or even as a backup device for more advanced vapers. Find additional e-liquid vape pen reviews from License to Vape here.