The REDCIG starter kit is a very basic, entry level kit that might be attractive to people looking to try e-cigs for the first time. The vapor production is good, but the throat hit is underwhelming. And we have to say the starter kit is quite overpriced. However, if you’re looking for a no hassle e-cig, prefer little to no throat hit, and don’t mind paying a premium, you can give it a shot.

Buy the REDCIG Starter Kit If You:

– Are looking for an absolute no hassle, bare bones pens starter kit.

– Prefer a smooth, barely noticeable throat hit and very subtle flavors.
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Vapor + Throat Hit:  7 out of 10

The most positive thing we can say about the REDCIG in this category is the vapor. The vapor production is above average and it’s quite easy to work up a good sized cloud. The throat hit is subtle to the point of not being a factor. It’s almost impossible to notice any throat hit effect while vaping the REDCIG. We realize some people prefer more subtle throat hits, but even then you should feel…something.

Battery + Hardware:  8 out of 10

redcig starter kit review

The REDCIG battery is designed to resemble a real cigarette. It’s the standard white battery with tan cartomizer. The battery feels like it’s made from quality material. You can vape the battery all day before having to recharge.

Price ($33.29):  6 out of 10

A REDCIG starter kit costs $33.29. This really is too much to spend on such a basic (and frankly underperforming) starter kit. The REDCIG starter kit includes:

– One extended life battery

– Two nicotine cartomizers

– USB charger

Check out our Halo E Cig review for a higher rated, similarly priced product.

Flavors:  6 out of 10

The REDCIG starter kit came with a regular flavor and a light flavor cartomizer. Both had such weak throat hits and subtle flavors we really couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Both had a slightly chalky aftertaste that isn’t very appealing.

Warranty + Customer Service:  9 out of 10

The REDCIG starter kit comes with a 3o day money back guarantee. Their customer service team is very friendly and professional.

REDCIG Starter Kit Review Final Score:  7.2 out of 10

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REDCIG Starter Kit Review in 2024
7 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use7