Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer
90 / 5 Reviewer

If you’re looking for a vaporizer that is small and fits right in the palm of your hand, then the Pax 3 might be just what you need. Small and discrete, the Pax 3 from Pax Labs is a 2 in 1 vaporizer that heats up fast and works like a dream.

Pax 3 Vaporizer Testing and Performance

The Pax 3 portable vaporizer from Pax Labs is the latest technology in small, lightweight portable vaporizers. It is a 2 in 1 vaporizer that works with dry herb and concentrates. It uses conduction heating to deliver a smooth and tasty vape.

In terms of size, the Pax 3 is small enough to be completely concealed in the hand. It doesn’t look like other vaporizers either. You cannot tell what it is so you could leave it sitting on your nightstand or dresser and no one would guess what it is. It’s perfect for stealth vaping on the sly.

The Pax 3 come out in 2016 and was rated one of the best vaporizers on the market. Its predecessor, the Pax 2, was the original dry herb vaporizer but did not have the ability to use concentrates as the upgraded version does.

The device comes in two options. One is the device only for $199 or the full kit for $249. I suggest going for the full kit because you get so many extras with it as well as the ½ pack oven and concentrates lid that does not come with the device by itself.

It is also designed to be compatible with Bluetooth technology and has an app to let you customize your settings for better vaping enjoyment. Pairing the device with your smartphone is easy, just press the button at the top and shake the device until the petals light up blue letting you know it’s connected.

Some Similarities and Differences

How is it different from the from the Pax 2? It has upgraded technology, longer battery life, and new accessories – including the option for concentrates. You get about 8 – 10 sessions from the Pax 3 instead of 6 – 8 with the previous version. It also charges in 90 minutes compared to 120 minutes.

In every other way, they are exactly the same. They are exactly the same size and dimensions the difference is in the upgrades and customization options.

  • 3.87 in L x 1.21 in W
  • Haptic Feedback (vibration)
  • 15-second Heating Time
  • 4 Temperature Settings (380 up to 420 Degrees)
  • 1 Button Functionality
  • Bluetooth App
  • Holds 0.4 g Dry Herbs
  • ½ Pack Holds 0.2 g
Kit Contents
  • Pax 3 Vaporizer
  • Charging Dock & Cable
  • 2 Mouthpieces
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Multi-tool
  • ½ Pack Oven Lid
  • Insert for Concentrates
  • Carrying pouch
  • Quick Start Guide

Build Quality and Design

The build quality of the Pax 3 is very good. It feels good in the hand and quite durable. Although it is lightweight, there’s a slight heaviness that tells you it is not made from cheap metal. The LED petals on the front indicate battery status and heat settings. With the device – only option, you have the choice of four basic colors. In the full kit version, you have eight available colors to choose from.

Companion App

The downloadable app lets you adjust the heat settings, change display colors, and even has a game you can play with it. On the Pax website, it says you get 60 customizable heat settings with the app but I didn’t go through all of them. I’m not really a gadget-type of girl, so this isn’t something I would use myself but others may find it quite useful. If you like gadgets you would probably love this feature. For me personally, I don’t need that many options.


As mentioned previously, this device is small and fits entirely in your hand. There is nothing to give it away as a vaporizer. If you had this sitting on your dresser it might appear to be some kind of beauty product or fragrance tube. It is totally discrete in appearance. It is very easy to stealth vape with this device by concealing most of it in your hand and using it with the flat mouthpiece.


The quality of the device makes it a durable piece of technology. I don’t see where it would have any breakable parts. The finish on it is smooth and I think, if dropped, it really wouldn’t show any damage at all. Even a scuff or two wouldn’t even be noticeable. I wouldn’t say that it is unbreakable but if it fell out of your pocket it wouldn’t be unusable.


The battery life of the Pax 3 is an improvement over the earlier version. You get about 90 minutes on a full charge and it takes about the same length of time to charge the unit. You can set it down between draws and it goes into a hibernation mode to conserve battery power. You only need to pick it up and draw on it to restore it to the heat setting it was at and resume vaping. If you wait longer than two minutes between draws it may time out and you’ll need to restart it. Again, this is to save battery life.

Vaping Experience

I spent the past 10 days testing this device and have come to really enjoy it. I haven’t bought many of these vaporizers so I’m never sure what to expect from them. I did find this particular device to be pretty easy to use, even the first time.

In size comparison, it is slightly taller than my Davinci IQ. But it is not as wide and is easier to hold due to its rectangular shape. It feels very natural in your hand when you hold it.

I like the haptic feedback feature and the addition of the smaller oven. If you’re using this by yourself you may not want a full oven lid. That’s where the ½ pack comes in handy. It is also easy to switch between dry herb and concentrates simply by swapping out the inserts.

Because it uses conduction heating you do have to grind your herbs up pretty fine and pack the oven tightly to ensure even vaporization. When you empty the oven, all you should see is dry brown material. It should be completely vaporized. To keep down on smell be sure to clean it after each use using the included pipe cleaners and brush.

I played around with the companion app for a little while but I’m not really a gadget person so I didn’t really end up using it. I mainly started it out at a lower setting for flavor and increased it towards the end of a session for more vapor. You can manually switch the heat settings by pressing and holding the top button and watching the petals light up. One light is the lowest setting and all four is the highest.

What We Liked

+ Haptic feedback sensor
+ Works with Pax 2 accessories
+ Customizable Bluetooth App

What We Didn’t

Cannot use while charging (no pass-through)


The Pax 3 vaporizer comes in two options; $199 for device only – $249 full kit. I do suggest spending a few extra dollars to get the full kit because if you purchase just the device you will be missing out on some of the accessories as well as the concentrates lid. It is only included in the full kit along with the herb grinder, filling aid, and extra screens.

Final Verdict

I really enjoy using the Pax 3 portable vaporizer and I would recommend it to any vapers looking for a non-combustible method of vaporizing herbs. As a vaporizer, it works really well and lives up to its reputation. It is a good value for the money and something you can use for years without needing to buy anything else.