Nitros Cold Brew Coffee Macchiato
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Smooth, rich espresso with a hint of caramel sweetness and an icy cool chill. No, it’s not a new Starbuck’s iced coffee drink flavor. It’s an e-liquid called “Macchiato” and it’s one of four delicious flavors from Nitros Cold Brew E-liquids. If you are a coffee lover this flavor might just be your new favorite.

About Nitros Cold Brew

I was not able to find out much about this company online, I generally like to include a little information about who makes the product and a little about their history for those who may be interested in finding out more about them. There are four flavors included in the cold brew line including Macchiato, Vanilla Bean, White Chocolate Mocha, and Almond Cappuccino. I do hope that they will eventually add more flavors to this line since it is something new and different. They all sound go so far, plus they are the only ones that have come out with the “cold brew” idea.

Nitros Cold Brew is the first line of “iced coffee” flavored e-liquid. There are many brands of coffee-flavored vapes on the market but this is the first one to focus on cold brew coffee for those who love their coffee with a little frostiness. I love the idea of an “iced coffee” vape and of course, the images on the bottle entice you to give it a taste. The design on the bottles and packaging are very visually appealing. They all depict coffee with ice cubes, creamy milk, and dripping swirls of caramel. Who can resist that?

This line of e-liquid was so popular with coffee lovers that Nitros has added three new Cold Brew “Shakes” in Salted Caramel, Strawberries and Cream, and Key Lime Pie. I’m excited to see what new ideas they come up with for this line. I’m thinking the “Shakes” will be a type of ice cream flavored milkshakes.

My Experience With Nitros Cold Brew “Macchiato”

I am a long-time lover of all things coffee. Hot coffee, cold coffee, and coffee-flavored ice cream. If it tastes like coffee it belongs in my face. In my experience, when expecting something to taste a certain way you can pretty much count on it not being what you expected.
There are just some flavors that cannot be replicated successfully. Coffee flavors have a tendency to taste off sometimes, having a burned flavor instead of tasting the way it is supposed to.

Coffee and tobacco flavors have a flavor profile that makes it hard to get flavors that are true to life. I once found a Hazelnut coffee flavor that I fell in love with but accidentally threw away the bottle when it was empty so I never knew what company made it. I make a habit of it now to hang onto my empty bottles until after I re-order just to avoid that happening again.

The problem with giving things a “cool” or “icy” flavor is that it usually comes from menthol or Koolada. While this juice is delicious and very flavorful, there is a menthol kick to it which makes it hard to use as an all-day vape.  It is not overly harsh, but using it for an extended period of time may irritate your throat like it did mine. It is formulated at 20PG/80VG a perfect ratio for use in RDAs, which I love, and it creates beautiful clouds of vapor. Also, with a higher VG ratio, there is no worry of burning your e-liquid when increasing your wattage.

I had expected the predominant flavor to be coffee or “espresso” but on the inhale I get the sweet caramel and the rich coffee flavor on the exhale followed by a touch of menthol for that icy cold effect. It is really good, I love it and would buy it again. Just know that there is menthol in it so you may not want to vape it over a long period of time because the menthol does get a bit harsh on the throat after a while. I would have liked more of the espresso flavor instead of caramel. The caramel is good, but I think it would have been better as a smooth finish instead.

I would vape this in the afternoon or evening in place of a sweet dessert vape. It has a really nice flavor, just a little sweetness, and a creamy coolness that is really delicious.

Vape Flavor

The flavor is not overly strong or overly sweet, it is nicely balanced between the two. It is a milder coffee flavor instead of a bolder flavor you might expect based on the description. The menthol is light in just the right amount to give it a cooling feeling. I like to drink coffee at night which tends to keep me awake, so I started vaping this before bed and I get my coffee without the caffeine kick.

Vapor Cloud

The cloud production of this e-liquid is fantastic at 80%VG. Vegetable glycerin helps with increased vapor and the thickness of the liquid make it good for the wicking on RDAs. Using my Dead Rabbit RDA, the clouds being produced were thick and fluffy and had a light coffee aroma.

What We Liked

+ Excellent flavor
+ Not too sweet
+ Smooth and mild
+ Comes in a large bottle
+ Good vapor production

What We Didn’t

Menthol is a bit much for extended use


The signature 100ml chubby gorilla bottle sells for $20 – $22 and is available in “0”, “3”, and “6” mg of nicotine. The large size bottle and the budget price make this a great value for those who love coffee-flavored vapes and appreciate a good deal. I have paid higher prices for premium e-liquid in much smaller bottles so this one is a definite value. If you love coffee like I do, give it a try. It’s really good.

Final Verdict

Well, this “cold brew” coffee certainly met my expectations this time. It’s sweet and rich like a coffee-house brew should be with a little added menthol to cool it off. The flavor of it is just perfect for someone who really loves their coffee vapes. I would prefer it without the menthol, but that’s just my individual preference. It’s a nice flavor and I do like it.

Since the Macchiato was so good, I plan on testing out the other flavors that Nitros has in their “cold brew” collection. I like it and would be interested to find out what the other flavors taste like and are they as good as this one? My only regret with it is that I can’t use it as an all-day vape (prolonged use of menthol makes my throat sore) but other than that, I have no complaints. I highly recommend this flavor to anyone who is a die-hard coffee lover. If you like coffee give it a try and see what you think.