The NE Where e cig is a disposable ecig (or pen) that you’ll be vaping immediately after opening the package. Many people prefer the ease of disposable ecigs; you vape until the e cig is finished, then simply dispose of it. For people looking for a high quality disposable, we highly recommend the NE Where E Cig.

Buy An NE Where E Cig If You:

– Want an e cig that requires you to do nothing other than puff and enjoy the vapor.

– Want lots of different delicious flavor options ranging from traditional tobacco to Bananaberry. 

– Want to try a low cost, high quality e cig before completely jumping into the vaping world and spending a lot of money. 

Vapor + Throat Hit: 8 out of 10

ne where e cig review

The NE Where e cig family consists of disposable e-cigs, e-hookahs and e-cigars. The e-cigs and e-hookahs are virtually indistinguishable and the e-cigars are much larger, as you would expect. The e-cigs and e-hookahs produce a good amount of vapor on most puffs, although they can be a little bit unreliable from time to time. The e-cigar was very reliable with its vapor production, producing large clouds on virtually every puff.

The throat hits are smooth and very subtle across the board. Even at the higher nicotine content, the throat hits are barely noticeable. The one exception is the Menthol flavored e cig – that throat hit is pretty intense (in a good way). If you’re looking for a vaping experience that more closely resembles a real cigarette, you should check out the WOW Vapor King from Vapor4LIfe. But if you prefer more subtle throat hits, stick with NE Where e cig.

Battery + Hardware: 9 out of 10

We vaped the following NE Where e cig types; e-cigarette, e-hookah and e-cigar. As stated above, appearance-wise we couldn’t tell the difference between the e-cig and the e-hookah. Both are about twice the length of a standard cigarette and about the same circumference. The e-cigs and e-hookahs are a cool silver/metallic color and feel like they are pretty high quality. The e-cig will get you about 500 puffs which equals approximately two packs of cigarettes. We think the e-hookah has around the same puff count. We vaped both for a full day and neither one of them quit on us.

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It’s important to note here the difference between the e-cigs and e-hookahs. E-cigs contain nicotine and the e-hookahs do not have nicotine. That seems to be the only difference between the two.

NE Where did a great job with the design of their e cigar. It looks and feels like a legit cigar – right down to the tobacco leaf wrap. The NE Where e cigar lasts 1000 puffs, which for us was a few days of heavy vaping. The glaring issue with the e-cigar is the fact that it’s only available with zero nicotine. We’re not sure why NE Where doesn’t offer an e cigar with nicotine.

Price ($9.99 – $19.99): 8 out of 10

A single NE Where e cig or e-hookah will cost you $9.99. Both products are equivalent to about two packs of cigarettes so you’re definitely saving some money.

The NE Where e cigar runs you $19.99 and gives you a puff count of 1000. Although it should last you a few days, we still think the price is a bit steep for a disposable e-cigar hence the loss of a point in this category.

Flavors: 9 out of 10

ne where e cigar e hookah

This is a tricky category to score for the NE Where e cig as the flavors are really, really delicious but each flavor only has one nicotine option. For instance if  you want the Sour Appletini flavor in 1.2% nicotine, you’re out of luck. It’s only available in ZERO nicotine! That being said, the flavors really are tremendous. We tried the following NE Where e cig flavors:

BananaBerry E-Hookah – This was our favorite flavor. Both fruits blend so well together, it tastes like a deliciously cool smoothie on a hot summer day. The throat hit is smooth and subtle. So, so, so good, but as stated above we wish we could get it with nicotine.

Island Squeeze E-Hookah – Another delicious flavor that makes you want to mix up a pina colada and chill poolside. It has pineapple and orange and they work together in a refreshing way. The throat hit is very smooth.

Wild Watermelon E-Cig – If you’re a fan of watermelon flavor, this one is for you. It tastes like real watermelon during a summertime picnic. My mouth is watering just typing this sentence. The throat hit is smooth. This flavor is available with 0.8% nicotine content.

Refreshing Menthol E-Cig – This is a very strong menthol flavor. To be honest it was a little overpowering. I’m sure hardcore menthol smokers will love it though. It’s icy and the throat hit packs a punch. This flavor contains 1.8% nicotine.

Watermelon E-Cigar – Another great watermelon flavor available for the NE Where e cigar. It has an authentic watermelon taste and isn’t too sweet. The throat hit is smooth. Both of their e-cigars are zero nicotine only.

Warranty + Customer Service: 10 out of 10

For disposable e-cigs, NE Where offers a pretty great warranty. Here’s the details from their site:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee – You may return your order within 30 days of purchase, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with NEwhere products. If items are missing or are in poor condition the retail cost of these items will be deducted from your refund. Just complete the Product Return Authorization (PRA) form, which can be found (here) or on the back of the packing slip of your order. Place this form along with your original items in a padded envelope and mail to us. Allow up to 2 weeks for processing.

1 Year Warranty – If there are any defects in material or workmanship of our product from one year from the original date of purchase we will gladly send you a new product. We stand behind the quality of our product and want your complete satisfaction. If items are missing or are in poor condition we have the right to refuse warranty. Just complete the Product Return Authorization (PRA) form, which can be found here or on the back of the packing slip of your order. Place this form along with your original items in a padded envelope and mail to us. Allow up to 2 weeks for processing.

Their customer service team is excellent.

NE Where E Cig Review Final Score: 8.8 out of 10


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NE Where E Cig Review in 2024 + E Hookah & E Cigar
8.8 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use9
Vape Experience10