Naked 100 Hawaiian POG
9.7 / 5 Reviewer
Vape Flavor10
Vapor Cloud9.9

If you like e-liquid that sweet and reminds you of a tropical island vacation, then you’ll love this Hawaiian POG from the Naked 100 line. Read on to find out more about it and see how it vapes.

A little about the company:

USA Vape Lab is the manufacturer of the Naked 100 and Schwartz e-liquid lines. They have been in business in southern California since 2016. The popular Naked 100 juice line includes a collection of fruits, creams, sweet and tart Fusions, and robust tobaccos.

Naked 100 Hawaiian POG Testing and Performance

The subject of this review will be the Naked100 Hawaiian POG, which is a tropical blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava. I am using this in a tank with a standard blend of 70PG/30VG at 12mg of nicotine.


This is a great value for a 60 ml bottle priced at $20. Most juices in the same size bottles are almost twice that for premium juice. I believe the 60 ml size is all they make, I haven’t seen anything larger than that.

Vape Flavor

It is very sweet and satisfying for a fruity flavor. On the inhale, I get a tasty swirl of passion fruit and guava. These two flavors seem to stand out over the orange. It’s in there it is just not pronounced. Maybe it is to balance the other two flavors and smooth them out. I am not sure. It is very flavorful though and a nice vape. I could see myself using this as my all-day vape.

It is one of those flavors that is sweet like you expect it to be, but not over the top or a candy-type flavor. It is a true tropical fruit flavor blend with a nice little throat hit.

Vapor Cloud

Vapor production on this juice is good as well. It has more than I expected for a thinner juice. It’s not a ton of vapor because I’m not using it on my RDA due to the higher amount of nicotine. I am using the standard ratio of 70/30 but if you get the 6mg in a higher VG you’ll probably get even more vapor than I did.

I did not get the opportunity to use this on my RDA because I didn’t think to buy an extra bottle in high VG. I like to test juices in both tanks and RDAs because the flavor and vapor production change from one to the other. Flavors that may seem muted in tanks will pop in an RDA. Something to keep in mind when you shop for juice in the future.

What We Liked

+ Wonderful tropical flavor
+ sweet, but not too sweet
+ Smooth throat hit
+ Good amount of vapor

What We Didn’t

Need this in 100 ml bottles, bigger sizes

Final Verdict

Tropical flavors are one of my favorites. I love orange, pineapple, banana, passion fruit and more.

The citrus flavors just really pop and feel like Sunday brunch. I like this flavor and would like to see it available in larger bottles. The price for this juice is very good and I wouldn’t mind paying more for larger sizes.