Our Krave electronic cigarette review shows the Krave looks and feels like a real cigarette, but of course without the tobacco.  The website is easy to navigate and offers a great deal of options, including disposable E-Cigs in a variety of colors and flavors. Starter kit is standard, but comes with everything you need for a good vaping experience.


Vaping Experience:  9 out of 10

Our Krave electronic cigarette review covers the Krave 1000 starter kit, which came with their standard battery. I immediately liked the real cigarette size – small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket.

The vapor production is better than average and the e cig gave us an effective throat hit (better than the Colibri). Getting a good drag required a bit more effort than I’d like. For a pre-filled e-cig with better vapor production and a more effective throat hit, check out our V2 Cigs review.

Price:  10 out of 10 

The Krave 1000 Starter Kit can be purchased for $24.95, which compared to other starter kits (like our V2 Cigs review), seems incredibly inexpensive. But remember, although it’s a cheap price-tag, you are getting less than what most kits offer. But if the bare-bones of E-cigs are what you’re looking for, Krave is a great place to start.

You get one rechargeable battery (many kits come with two,) two filters (aka cartomizers/flavor cartridges) – one in menthol, one tobacco-flavored, each with 1.4% nicotine, a wireless USB charger and a simple carrying case.

Again, it’s nothing fancy but if you’re looking to get the job done, this is a perfect alternative to some of the more frilly E-Cigs. (Plus, if you’re not sure about the brand, you get to pay less to try it out without spending too much cash.)

And if 25 bucks isn’t cheap enough, there are three other starter kits (ranging from $10.95-$19.95) that allow you to make even less of a commitment to the brand before trying it. (I know there are some commitment-phobes out there.)

krave electronic cigarette review

Hardware:  8 out of 10

The Krave E-cig included in the starter kits does its best to look exactly like a real cigarette, with it’s white base and red tip. (I like to pretend I’m lighting it with a fake candle…always gets an easy laugh.)

I liked the simple design of the E-cig itself and the fact that the carrying case doesn’t look like a purse is also a plus.

Everything else (the battery, USB charger, etc.) worked well, although there was nothing new or exciting about any of it. Got the job done, though. (Oh and Krave innovatively offers disposable E-cigs at a pretty cheap price, although they weren’t in the starter kit. They come in the basic tobacco or menthol flavors or you can opt for the “flavored” editions, which are offered in Juicy Peach, Spiced Rum, Very Vanilla, Strawberry and Red Wine.)

With the disposables, you also have the option of getting different colors (including pink, black, gold, blue and purple) but this kind of negates the whole “bare-boned and basic” feel that I think is one of Krave’s strengths.

However, I would highly recommend going with the rechargeable e-cigs, much higher quality and a superior vaping experience.

Heed this warning before you try any of Krave’s disposable products.

Flavors:  8 out of 10

Our Krave electronic cigarette review covers the two flavor options that came with the Krave 1000 starter kit:  the traditional tobacco and a menthol flavor. (As mentioned, there are disposable options in peach, rum, vanilla, strawberry and “red wine.”)

Personally, I like the traditional “tobacco” flavor best, although it should be noted that my girlfriend much prefers the menthol flavor.  The strength of the nicotine was decent, if not a bit on the low side.

Overall, the flavors in the starter kit were pretty good, but nothing to write home about. (But who’s seriously going to “write home” about E-cig flavors?) I’ll update once I try all the disposable flavors.

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Krave Electronic Cigarette Review Final Score:  8.8 out of 10


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Krave Electronic Cigarette Review for 2024
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