The JUUL Pod System
9.7 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use10

For someone wanting to quit traditional cigarettes, the thought of finding an alternative can be frustrating and time-consuming. There are so many products out on the market that claim to be similar to tobacco cigarettes but often are not even close, except in appearance. One product that does not look like a cigarette but has a similar draw and produces a good amount of vapor is the JUUL Pod System, one of our favorites, if not the favorite vape pen.

The JUUL Pod System Testing and Performance

The JUUL is the latest e-cigarette manufactured by Pax Labs. It looks nothing like a cigarette but is about the same size only rectangular and flat. The draw on it is very similar to that of a tobacco cigarette and the vapor production is very good. In terms of similarities, it performs much like a cigarette and the nicotine level of the pods is also similar to tobacco products making it the best product for people wanting to switch.

Because of the similarities, it is very easy to transition over to vaping without the usual discomforts of nicotine withdrawal. The nicotine content of the pods is 5% by weight or 50mg per pod. It can be a little strong for some vapers but new vapers just quitting smoking need higher amounts of nicotine in the beginning. For my review, I gave this device some hands-on testing and my results are listed below to help you decide if the JUUL is right for you.

  • Size: 4″ tall by ¾” wide
  • Closed Pod Mod System
  • Includes 4 juice pods
  • Fully charged in 1-hour
Kit Contents
    • 1 x rechargeable JUUL device
    • 1 x Multi JUULpod 4-pack
    • USB charger
    • 1 MicroUSB Cable
    • 1-year device warranty
    • Instructional Manual

Build Quality and Design

The JUUL device is similar in size to a traditional tobacco cigarette and rectangle-shaped. It is flat so it will lay on your desk or table without any worry of it rolling off like other cig-a-like devices do.  The pods are magnetic and snap in quickly for e-liquid refilling.  The build quality of the device is good for what it is, and it is easy to carry because it is small and compact.


The Juul Pod has a built-in 200 mah battery. Battery life is, of course, limited to how often it is used. During my testing, I found that mine only lasted about 3 hours because I tend to vape a lot. For someone used to smoking a pack per day or more, it will be necessary to charge twice a day. A good idea is to purchase an extra battery and use one while charging the other. I had no problems with it not working at any time.

Ease of Use

Charging and using the device is really easy.  Charging the battery takes about 50 minutes to an hour. The charging piece is magnetic and plugs into your laptop for easy charging. The battery indicator light will be white while charging and turn green when finished. To test the remaining battery life, tap twice on the front and the “green” light means charged, “yellow” means needing charging soon and “red” means charge now. A pretty easy system to figure out.

To use the device, choose your desired flavor of e-liquid pod from the package and remove the colored tab. Place the pod in the top of the device. It is magnetic and snaps in. There is no button so all you do is put it to your lips and inhale slowly and exhale vapor. That is it.

Vaping Experience

The nicotine in the JUUL pods is from nicotine salts found in the leaves of the tobacco plant. This is what gives it that strong “throat hit”. The level of nicotine in each pod is 5% by weight or about 50 mg of tobacco for each pod. Because a lot of advanced vapers like the JUUL for taking to work and vaping on the go, the nicotine level may be a little too strong for vapers who vape 12mg or less. But it is perfect for someone just getting off of cigarettes.


The capacity of the e-liquid pods is 0.7 mils. If you’re a light vaper one pod might last you all day. I went through one pod in about 6 hours of heavy vaping. Extra pods can be purchased separately in packs of 4.The pods don’t hold a lot of e-liquid for someone who vapes a lot, but it is more than adequate for a new vaper.


The JUUL is a closed pod system and the pods are “leak proof” by design.  I had no leaking issues whatsoever with any of the pods.


The vapor production on this device is very good, despite its small size. The amount of vapor produced by the device is actually better than a tobacco cigarette. The device produces a good amount of vapor, not big clouds, but a good amount. You feel very much like you are smoking a cigarette when vaping with this device. Above average vapor production from a device without a “tank”.


The flavor of the e-liquid pods are good, but not great. Just not as good as some of the e-liquid flavors I have tasted. The Virginia Tobacco and the Mint were my two favorites ( I like tobacco and menthol flavors). The Fruit Medley and Creme Brulee were okay, just not to my liking. Remember taste is subjective and everyone has their own preferences. What one person likes another might not and vice versa. I am hoping that in time there will be more flavors and better tasting.

What We Liked

The pods are leak proof
Simple charging
Automatic battery (no buttons)

Fast charging
High nicotine level (5%)
Automatic temperature control
Above average vapor production (for a small device)

What We Didn’t

– Pods are not refillable
– Only one nicotine level
– $16 is pricey for the refill pods ($4 per pod)
– Nicotine level may too strong for some vapers


The current price for the starter kit is $49.99 at most online retailers. It is not necessarily a bad price for the technology of the device but I would have like to see two batteries so you can use one while the other is charging since you cannot vape it while charging. But then again, it charges very quickly so that is not necessarily a con.

Final Verdict

The JUUL is good for all types of vapers, but it is best suited for people just coming off tobacco cigarettes because it was designed specifically for them. The mouth-to-lung draw and vapor production closely mimic that of a tobacco cigarette which is what makes it so easy for people who smoked to make the switch effortlessly. The only real drawback to the device is the cost for a single battery system and the refill pods, but for the right vaper, he or she may not be swayed by the cost due to how well it performs.