Halo Triton 2
9.6 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use10
Vape Experience10

If you’re a smoker switching over to vaping, having a device that satisfies your cravings for nicotine is key to your vaping success. Halo is a leading manufacturer of vapor products and their Halo Triton 2 vape pen was designed to make transitioning easy for new vapers. Read on to find out more about it.

Halo Triton 2 Testing and Performance

I am a big fan of Halo products. I fell in love with the G6 when it first came out and then the original Triton, and now the Triton 2. It is a modern-style vape pen with a (mini) sub ohm tank designed for people just getting off cigarettes. Here is an overview of the kit contents and a look at how it vapes.

  • 74.5 mm in length
  • 10-second cut off
  • Tank capacity 2mil
  • Battery voltage 3.3 – 4.2
  • Colors: black, blue, stainless steel
Kit Contents
  • 2x Triton II 700 mAh Batteries
  • 2x Triton II Glass Tanks (2ml)
  • 3x Triton II Coil Heads (.75 ohm)
  • 2x Standard Mouthpieces
  • 1x Wide Bore Mouthpiece
  • 1x USB Adapter
  • 1x Wall Charger
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Build quality and design

I like the look and design of this device. It is smooth and sleek and comes in a variety of colors.

The tank resembles a mini Protank 3 but has better airflow and is not as restricted in the draw. It is on the small side and only holds 2 mils of juice. But overall, it looks very nice and performs well for such a mall device.


I have found this device to be very reliable and very sturdy.

I have had no issues with it and as of now, it has no scratches or marks of any kind after riding around in my purse for the last several days. It is very good for stealth vaping when you’re waiting and don’t want to draw attention with big clouds.

Ease of Use

The Halo Triton 2 is one of the easiest vape pens there is to use.

Just fill and go, that is it. The battery charges via a USB cable connected to a laptop or by wall charger. To turn it on for the first time it is 5 clicks on and then 5 clicks again to turn it off. It has only one button so there are no menu systems to memorize or settings to adjust.

Vaping Experience

I am really loving the mouth-to-lung vaping experience. There are different coil resistances for mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping, as well as longer-lasting 900 mah batteries that you use to mix and match for a customized vape.

These do not come with the kit but are available for purchase through Halo separately.

I bought the kit with two batteries because I vape a lot and one battery doesn’t last me all day. Frequent vapers like me may go through a battery quickly and need to recharge often.

The batteries recharge in about 2 hours and will last the “light or beginning vaper” all day. If you were previously a heavy smoker (more than a pack per day) I would recommend getting two batteries so you have a spare.

That way you won’t be tempted to buy cigarettes when your battery dies and you have to wait for it to charge.

This vape pen does satisfy in the flavor and vapor it produces and if you like the MTL draw you’ll love this device.

It may not be satisfying to more advanced vapers used to super low resistances because the device only reaches a max of 4.2 volts.


These tanks are easy to refill again and again. Just remove the drip tip and drip liquid right down the side between the chimney and glass, being careful to avoid the center air pipe.


These are designed to be practically leak-proof and I have yet to have one leak on me. I have to lay it down between uses and try to keep it from rolling off the table, but I have had no leaking at all.


The vapor production for these tanks is pretty good. You can’t compare them to the larger sub ohm tanks but they make about as much vapor as similar sized tanks like the Kanger Evod, T3 clearomizers, and e-Smart tanks.


The flavor from these coil heads is pretty good. These are small tanks so I wasn’t expecting anything phenomenal but they do produce good flavor, a decent throat hit and pretty nice vapor.

What We Liked

+ Stylish design
+ Variety of colors
+ Single or full kit
+ Compact size
+ Charges quickly
+ Leak-proof tank

What We Didn’t

Battery life
Tank capacity


The price for the full kit is $45  which is a great value for what you get. You’ll get two batteries so you can use one while the other is charging and always have a backup. Along with the two batteries come 3 coil heads, 2 sets of drip tips and chargers so I”d call that a good value any day.

Final Verdict

What makes this vape pen great is the fact that it is easy to use, easy to fill, and produces a satisfying vaping experience and is affordably priced as well. It only has a 700 mah battery and doesn’t last that long on a single charge and there is nothing to adjust.

You can’t increase the wattage or tweak the settings so advanced vapers wouldn’t be interested in one unless they are purposely looking for simplicity.