Halo Reactor Tank
9.3 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use10
Liquid Capacity9
Vape Flavor8.9
Vapor Cloud10

The Halo Reactor is a sub ohm tank from a leading manufacturer of vapor products. Halo has been in business since 2009 and makes vapor products for vapers of all levels. Read on to find out if the Halo reactor is right for you.

Halo Reactor Testing and Performance

The Halo packaging for this device is very simple and straightforward. It comes in a clear plastic case with the extra parts underneath the base.

The tank comes with 1 coil head pre-installed and 2 extra coil heads with the full kit version. I tested this tank on my Eleaf 100W mod at 40W and the flavor and clouds were there but were even better at 50 and 60W. The flavor got a little more pronounced and the vapor plumes were nice.

The Halo Reactor is recommended for those who have been vaping for a little while and want to upgrade from a vape pen or other beginner device to something that makes bigger clouds.

  • 5 ml tank capacity
  • Bottom-fill design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sold in a kit w/mod or separately
Kit Contents
  • Halo Reactor Sub Ohm Tank
  • 3 X 0.5 Ohm coil head
  • Halo Reactor Mod (if purchasing the kit)
  • Charging cable
  • Wall charger

Build quality and design

The quality of this tank is really good. Halo is known for producing quality products and this tank is one of their best products. I would recommend this tank simply because it is so easy to use.


The tank is constructed of stainless steel and glass and is very durable. These tanks last a long time and can use different coils if the stock coils are out. This ability to use other coils makes it a good value besides the affordable price.

Ease of Use

The tank is very easy to use, fill and change the coil heads. It is a bottom fill tank so the base unscrews for access to the coil head without having to empty the tank first. I like the ability to change coils easily but would have preferred an option to fill from the top.

Vaping Experience

I got some really good flavor and vapor from this tank and no dry hits at all. I also didn’t have any leaking despite the large juice holes on each side of the coil. I had no gurgling or spit back and the drip tip stays cool, even with chain vaping.

It has bottom airflow control with a ring that clicks on each side. You just turn it all the way to the left or right to close it off or open it just a little. I like to have mine about ½ way open for a little restrictiveness for a vaping experience closer to that of a mouth-to-lung tank.

The mod that comes with the full kit looks suspiciously like an Eleaf iStick 50W so it should work great with any Eleaf mods. You could probably use these on some larger vape pens and low wattage mods.


This is a bottom fill tank and not my favorite at all. I like the tank but wish they had made it with a top fill because some vapers may have a hard time filling it down the sides between the chimney and glass. It is convenient for changing the coils since you don’t have to drain the tank but can be messy to refill.


I didn’t have any issues with leaking or flooding/gurgling. I made sure to prime the coils before using and never got a dry hit either. One coil lasted me almost 4 weeks and may last longer for someone who vapes less frequently. The coil heads come in packs of 5 and are very


The Reactor works really well with any of Halo’s high VG e-liquids. The tank is also compatible with Atlantis coil heads for versatility. I generally use 80VG/20PG or Max VG juices for my sub-ohm tanks and RDAs because it helps with vapor production, but the tank does this all on its own. It produces great vapor clouds comparable to some more advanced sub ohm tanks.


The flavor of this tank is really good. The coil heads are made with organic cotton and wick really well. The large juice ports on the sides of the coil help it soak up the juice for continuous wicking without dry hits or burning. In most RDAs and RTAs, your flavor is determined by the build, wicking material, and the airflow to your coils. Halo uses these same principles in this sub ohm tank to produce clouds and flavor on the level of more advanced tanks.

What We Liked

+ 5 mil Pyrex glass tank
+ Tight-fitting glass drip tip
+ Stainless steel construction
+ Adjustable airflow control
+ Easy to take apart and clean

What We Didn’t

Drip tip doesn’t fit snugly

Value – $26.75 (tank only) $37 for battery

This tank can be purchased in a kit with the mod, or separately by itself. It is priced affordably as a single device but may be a better value as part of a starter kit with extra coil heads and accessories.

Final Verdict

For a basic sub ohm tank, this works pretty well. It is perfect for new vapers just getting into sub-ohm vaping because there is very little to adjust and the .05 ohm coil heads produce good clouds of vapor and good flavor. Advanced vapers who prefer basic tanks would also love this device because it can be used on any mod with great results.