Our Halo e liquid review covers 6 flavors; Kringle’s Curse, Turkish Tobacco, Tribeca, Malibu, Sub Zero and Belgian Cocoa. Make sure to check out the Halo Cigs coupon code at the bottom of the page for the best deal on Halo e cigs e-juice.

#1 Halo E-Juice Review – Kringle’s Curse:  10 out of 10halo e-juice review kringle's curse

Kringle’s Curse is our favorite out of all of Halo’s excellent e-liquid flavors. Halo e cigs nailed it with Kringle. It’s an interesting mixture of flavors – strength and warmth of peppermint, hint of menthol-like iciness, twist of something sweet. Fantastic throat hit, fantastic vapor production.

Price:  $5.99 (7mL bottle)


#2 (tie) Halo E-Juice Review – Tribeca:  9.5 out of 10

halo e-juice review tribeca

Tribeca is tied with Turkish Tobacco for our second favorite Halo e cigs e-juice flavor. Tribeca is a delicious blend of different tobacco flavors with sweet hints of vanilla and caramel. The throat hit and vapor production are tremendous. Highly recommend this flavor.

Price:  $5.99 (7 mL bottle)


#2 (tie) Halo E-Juice Review – Turkish Tobacco:  9.5 out of 10

halo e-juice review turkish tobacco

Turkish Tobacco is tied with Tribeca for our second favorite Halo e-juice flavor. You’ll get an excellent throat hit and really good vapor production with Turkish Tobacco. Not a lot of explanation needed for this flavor – if you like tobacco (and I’m assuming you do), you’ll dig the Turkish. There is a hint of sweetness in this flavor as well.

Price:  $5.99 (7mL bottle)


#3 Halo E-Juice Review – SubZero:  9.4 out of 10

Picture 5

SubZero is Halo’s super strength menthol flavor. If you like menthol, this is the flavor for you. Just like the Mortal Kombat character it was named after, it packs an insanely icy punch. The throat hit is excellent. Vapor production is great.

Price:  $5.99 (7mL bottle)


#4 (tie) Halo E-Juice Review – Malibu:  9 out of 10

halo e-juice review malibu

Malibu tastes like a fruity, beachy cocktail made with Malibu rum. It is a touch too saccharine for me, but others with more of a penchant for sweet flavors will probably love this one. Malibu’s throat hit is much lighter than other Halo e cigs e-juice flavors like Tribeca and our favorite, Kringle’s Curse. Vapor production is good.

Price:  $5.99 (7mL bottle)


#4 (tie) Halo E-Juice Review – Belgian Cocoa:  9 out of 10

halo e-juice review belgian cocoa

This Halo e-juice review covers the flavor, Belgian Cocoa. This is a Halo e-juice flavor that doesn’t need to be described in detail – it tastes exactly as the name suggests. Quite sweet, but not overly so. The throat hit is perfect, vapor production is average.

Price:  $5.99 (7mL bottle)


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