In our Expert Interview series, we ask 6 questions to an e-cig expert about the future of e-cigs. We have some great ones lined up for you and we hope the series will be informative, entertaining and thought-provoking.

This week, John (J.P.) Przybylo, owner of Vapor Haus Chicago answers our questions.

vapor haus chicago

1. Why Did You Start Vaping?

I was desperate to quit smoking. I had tried everything else…the patch, nicotine gum, even tried cold turkey too many times to count. I wanted to be able to breathe again. I am a musician and I could barely sing anymore. I knew it was affecting my voice and this was really my last hope.

2. What Is Your “Go To” E-Cig and E-Juice Combination?

My favorite combination is the Aspire Nautilus tank with and ego C-Twist battery and our Vapor Haus custom “Pipe Dream” e-juice. It has a mellow vanilla tobacco and mild cherry flavor.

3. What Are The Biggest Misconceptions About E-Cigarettes?

There are quite a few misconceptions, but the first would be that people think the amount of nicotine in electronic juices are at a level that could actually kill someone. There are very small levels of nicotine in the juices and if they are used properly, they are safe. The second misconception is that people are going to become more addicted to nicotine by vaping. The majority of our customers (myself included) START at a high level of nicotine because our bodies are ALREADY addicted to it because of traditional cigarettes. Through vaping, we are gradually able to REDUCE the amount of nicotine in our juice and DECREASE the side effects of rapid withdrawal from nicotine. 50% of the e-juice we sell has ZERO nicotine and the people who purchase it are ones who have QUIT analog cigarettes.

4. How Do You Think The New FDA Regulations Will Affect The Vaping Industry?

We don’t really know exactly how e-cigarettes and e-juice will be regulated, but they will eventually. I do believe, though, that 80% of the businesses that sell vaping products right now will have difficulty meeting any new requirements. Right now, any products can be sold with no required labeling or quality control. Regulation WILL help the industry in the long run because it will make products safer for consumers. Luckily for stores like ours and some others, we already self-regulate and only sell products which meet certain standards.

5. What Are Your Favorite E-cigarette Blogs, Forums And/Or Reviewers You Trust The Most?

I turn to Grimm Green for reviews and I also like E-Cigarette Forum to get information and lots of different perspectives. We also depend a lot on the opinions of our customers and are constantly asking them to give us feedback either in our store or through Facebook.

6. Where Can We Find You On The Web/On Twitter/Facebook/etc.?

Web –

Facebook –

Pinterest –

John ( J.P. ) Przybylo
Vapor Haus
617 W. Golf Rd
Des Plaines, IL 60016

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