In our Expert Interview series, we ask industry experts about the future of e-cigs. We have some great interviews lined up for you and we hope the series is informative, entertaining and thought-provoking.

This week is very special as David Goerlitz, the iconic former Winston Man, answers our questions.


1. As the iconic “Winston Man” you were the first person to criticize and take on the tobacco industry from the inside. It seems like you continued that role when you became disenchanted with the methods of the anti-tobacco movement. Why were the anti-tobacco movement methods failing and what made you think there was a better solution?

Having spent almost 7 years and being a part of a very successful marketing in moving Winston sales from#4 to #2 in sales, I knew exactly what the strategy was to find new replacement smokers for those who quit or died from a smoking caused illness. 90% of all new smokers start under the age of 16 and it hit me hard that I was a part of enticing, luring and tricking kids into thinking smoking was an ok choice in the teenagers “right of passage” into adulthood. It was planned and marketed well. Sadly it worked and 3000 kids started smoking everyday.

The anti-tobacco movement which started out to do the right thing got real greedy and instead of using compassion and understanding with smokers who were struggling with smoking turned against them and made them feel like 2nd class citizens, losers and lepers. They began pushing for more and more taxes and discriminated against tobacco users and put a bull’s eye target on the backs of smokers in the eyes of public opinion. Tobacco Control failed miserably and now after having wasted billions of tobacco dollars in trying to eliminate tobacco they joined forces with Big Tobacco, Big Gov’t. And Big Pharma to create the illusion they care. Now they are going after the e-cig companies as the scapegoat to create public opinion that they care about public health.

2. How and when did you discover electronic cigarettes for the first time?

In 2007 I heard about the e-cig and began a 5-6 year education on what I felt then and still feel today that which has the potential to save millions of lives. It should be kept as a viable option to any smoker that wants to make an informed choice about switching.

3. Why do you think electronic cigarettes are the most promising tool to help cigarette users quit completely or cut down on their intake?

The e-cig is not only safer and healthier, but should be embraced as a replacement option and device for educated adults. Yes, SAFER and HEALTHIER.

4. What are the biggest misconceptions about ecigarettes?

The biggest myths are that e-cigs are a gateway for teens to start using nicotine. Kids are smoking regular cigs at a rate of 23% – 25%. Since tobacco control failed in stopping teens from smoking they now choose to blame e-cigs which is nonsense… other myths are that they don’t help people quit. The media should just ask the millions of ex-smokers who have quit smoking successfully. It is 99% safer and healthier, once again.

5. What is your “go to” ecig and/or ejuice combination?

I think the nicotine juice in American Heritage International’s disposable e-cigs is the best as it’s made here in the U.S. Find them here:

6. How do you think increased FDA regulations will affect the vaping industry?

If the FDA regulates the electronic cigarette, it will create a monopoly for the Tobacco Industry like we have never seen before. They only care about the relationship they are building with Big Pharma and Big Tobacco and exorbitant taxes.

7. What are your favorite ecigarette blogs, forums and/or reviewers you trust the most?

I get most of my information from Nicotine Science and Policy as well as E-Cigarette Forum.

8. Where can we find you on the web/on Twitter/Facebook/etc.?

Read about me on my blog:

Find me on Facebook:

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