Our Green Smoke starter kit review puts their e-cig in the same category as other top notch pre-filled e-cigs like our V2 cigs review and Eversmoke review. Green Smoke produces thick vapor clouds and has a great throat hit.

Buy the Green Smoke Starter Kit If You:

– Prefer the ease of pre-filled cartomizers over the more technical e cigs that require you to fill them with e-juice.

– Want high quality e cigs from a company with great customer service and an outstanding warranty.

– Like what you see in our V2 cigs review, but want a thicker vapor cloud and a more intense throat hit.


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Vapor + Throat Hit:  9 out of 10

This section should be titled Green Smoke vs V2 Cigs. There are many similarities between these two e-cig brands. Green Smoke has slightly thicker vapor clouds and a more intense throat hit on the tobacco flavors. We really liked how little effort it required to draw in a healthy amount of vapor.

Green Smoke loses a point in this category because the vapor is not as good as more advanced e cigs like the Vapor Zeus or Halo. But for pre-filled e cigs, we highly recommend the Green Smoke starter kit.

green smoke starter kit green smoke vs v2

Battery + Hardware:  9 out of 10

Our Green Smoke starter kit review covers the Pro Kit. Green Smoke uses a two-part design for their e cigs. It’s real simple to start vaping, just screw your cartomizer flavor of choice onto the battery of choice and you’re all set.

You get two batteries in the Pro Kit – one short, one long. Both are high quality, have a good weight and produce consistently great vapor. Both batteries are automatic, and as someone who usually vapes a manual, I gotta say these autos work really well. It feels very similar to taking a draw on a regular cigarette. The only difference here is you need to take a couple short puffs before taking a long one for the optimal vapor draw. Green Smoke designs their e cigs to look similar to real cigarettes.

The Green Smoke hardware is of the same high quality you’ll find in our V2 Cigs review (and sister brand Vapor Couture) and in our Eversmoke review.

Price ($99.97) – 8 out of 10

This Green Smoke review covers the Pro Kit, so before you balk at the price, be aware that Green Smoke offers a more economical starter kit option. That being said, we think the Pro Kit is a bit overpriced. The upside is you are definitely getting a really high quality e cig starter kit. However, before buying, you should check out the more affordable Halo G6 and the Vapor Zeus. On to the specs! Your Green Smoke Pro Kit includes:

– 2 batteries (one short, one long)

– 10 flavor cartridges

– 1 USB cigarette (pass through)

– 1 USB charger

– 1 wall charger

– 1 car adapter

– 1 carrying case

green smoke starter kit flavors pro kit

Flavors:  8 out of 10

Our Green Smoke top pen starter kit came with 2 packs of 5 flavor cartridges. We added a third flavor for a more thorough review. Overall, the Green Smoke flavors are bold, produce great vapor and pretty intense throat hits. What about Green Smoke vs V2 Cigs? In general, Green Smoke is more intense, with stronger flavors and throat hits and more vapor. V2 flavors are more smooth with less intense throat hits and a bit better tasting.

Green Smoke loses points in this category because more advanced e cigs brands like Vapor4Life, Halo and WetFlame offer better flavors and a wider variety.

We tried the following Green Smoke flavors:

– Tobacco Gold (18mg) – My favorite Green Smoke flavor. This is a great vape, produces a ton of vapor, has a full, bold taste. It reminds me of Turkish Gold cigarettes. The aftertaste is great. If you’re looking for a real cigarette taste and experience, you’ll love this.

– Absolute Tobacco (18mg) – Very similar to Tobacco Gold, I didn’t like the aftertaste as much. It has a lighter flavor than the Gold and is more similar to light cigarettes. It’s also a great vape.

– Menthol Ice (18mg) – A very intense menthol experience. This one is icy cold with that great minty menthol taste. Highly recommend this for menthol smokers.

Warranty + Customer Service:  10 out of 10

Green Smoke offers a top notch warranty program that includes the following:

– 30 day money back guarantee on all starter kits.

– Lifetime warranty on all batteries.

Their customer service is excellent.

Green Smoke Starter Kit Final Score:  8.8


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Green Smoke Starter Kit Review in 2024 – Green Smoke Vs V2 Cigs
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