Geekvape Aegis 100W
10 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use

I know a few vapers who tend to have butterfingers, meaning that they are always dropping their mods or knocking them over. Those fancy-looking mods have no chance of surviving around them.  If you know someone who happens to be a little clumsy I’ve got just the mod for them.

Geekvape Aegis 100W Mod Testing and Performance

The Aegis is the first mod on the market that is waterproof, dustproof, and almost indestructible. It is constructed of military-grade stainless steel and designed to be durable enough to withstand any environment, whether it is indoors or outdoors. This mod is perfect for those vapers who work outdoors or in situations where they are exposed to various climates and environments.

It is also great for those vapers who tend to have butter fingers (drops their mod a lot). It is constructed of military-grade stainless steel and is made to survive being dropped in water (water-proof and shock-resistant) and is sealed to prevent dust from getting inside and damaging the components.

I’m amazed that a 100W mod with temperature control can run so well off a single 26650 battery. It also has the option to use a 18650 battery as well so you could carry a spare if you need to for extended shifts. Her is a little information about this durable mod from Geekvape.

  • OLED screen display
  • 88mm by 46.8mm by 37.8mm
  • Single 26650 high-amp battery
  • Adapter for 18650 battery
  • Minimum resistance: 0.05ohm
  • Temperature control: 200-600F
  • Available in black, gunmetal, brown, and yellow
  • Compatible with nickel, titanium, and ss coils
Kit Contents
  • Aegis 100W box mod
  • 18650 battery adapter
  • Silicone seal replacement
  • Spare Torx screw

Build quality and Design

The design for the Aegis is pretty straightforward. It is designed for functionality but not so much for style. It has leather on the hand grip and metal construction. The power button is a little odd though, it looks as though you should push it because it has a raised point. It just clicks down so I don’t understand why they didn’t just make it flat. It would make more sense. But it is supposed to look rugged for the outdoors lovers.


This device is built tough and is extremely durable. There have been numerous people on Youtube purposely trying to see if they could damage this mod by running it over with a vehicle, throwing against a wall, and dropping it in the toilet so I already know it will not be damaged at all by being dropped to the floor or falling off my desk. Plus I don’t want to ruin my mod by doing any of those things. I’m pretty sure it would survive and still work fine but I like it the way it is.

Ease of Use

This mod works in temperature control and wattage mode equally well. I don’t use temperature control that much because I only have a couple of tanks that use Ni200 coils. I am a wattage vaper and it works great in my opinion. It is easy to use, easy to change the battery and I love how the battery orientation is marked inside the battery casing. That way you don’t have to guess which way the battery goes in.


This has a kind of heavy feel to it and it fits nicely in the hand. I’m not exactly sure if you’re supposed to use the power button with your thumb or finger but I tend to use it with my thumb and it feels pretty good that way.

Features and functions

The features of this device are temperature control as well as wattage mode. The battery door has a little lift spring to help you remove it and has seals around it to keep dust out of the battery compartment. It has an easy-to-read OLED display, easy navigation, and memory settings.

Wattage and Power

The Aegis is a 100W single battery mod so the maximum wattage is 100W. For a single battery, depending on the resistance of your atomizer, it can last a full day as long as you aren’t running it above 60 – 65W. I keep mine right around 60W and only have to charge it at night. I am also using a sub ohm tank with a coil resistance of 0.7 so it conserves battery power by using a higher resistance.

Battery Life

Battery life is good on this device if you keep it below 100W. It wouldn’t last as long for someone using super low resistance coils and running it at maximum power. You’d have to charge it more often or buy extra batteries. At full power, it would deplete the battery and then it would just shut off until you recharge it. I was not familiar with the Golisi IMR battery that came with it but it is a 35A high-drain battery and is similar in appearance and function as the Ijoy 26650 batteries.

I recommend keeping the wattage at 60 for a balance of steady power and good battery life. It performs just as well at lower wattages as it does higher ones. And higher resistance atomizers help conserve battery power as well.

What We Liked

+ Spring-loaded 510 connection
+ Battery orientation marked with X
+ Military-grade stainless steel construction
+ Strong and durable
+ Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof

What We Didn’t

There really isn’t anything I didn’t like about this mod


I purchased this mod for $39.95 + tax and have seen it advertised by various online retailers for $40 – $54.99. I feel that this is a good mod and well worth every penny. For a durable vape device that is compatible with various coil types, uses temperature control, and is waterproof you couldn’t ask for a better deal for less than $60.

Final Verdict

I have been wanting to get one of these for some time now and I am so glad I did. I love it and think it is one of the best purchases I have made this year. I try to buy things that last and tend to keep things more than other people. I still have some really old RDAs because I like how they vape.

This mod will last you a long time and perform well under any circumstances. Whether you work outside or inside, it will take the daily wear and tear and keep right on going. This is a must-have in my opinion and I recommend it very highly to any vaper who wants a durable device at a great price.