Eleaf iStick Pico Baby 25W
9.5 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use9.3

If you want to step up from a vape pen but don’t feel ready for a big mod yet, the Eleaf iStick Pico Baby 25 might be just what you need to experience sub-ohm vaping in a smaller dose. The Pico Baby is classified as a mini box mod and is regulated to 25 Watts maximum output. The Eleaf GS Baby Sub-Ohm Tank that comes with has 2 coil heads rated at .75 ohms and with the bottom airflow control can be vaped mouth-to lung (using the smaller holes) or direct-to-lung with the wider air slot fully open. This little mod is perfect for beginners who want to upgrade from their pen-style devices but don’t want anything too big. Due to its small size, it fits comfortably in the hand and is easily carried in a pocket or purse for stealth vaping.

Eleaf iStick Pico Baby 25 Testing and Performance

There is one thing that I really like about this mini box mod. Some people may not like it, but personally, I like the locking ring over the firing button. It is very similar to the locking ring on a mechanical mod. It twists up to the “on” position, or ready to fire. When not in use, simply twist the locking ring back down and it is ready to be put in your pocket and cannot be fired until the ring is raised again. It’s a safety feature that I like because that means it can never fire accidentally and there is no chance of injury. It can be safely carried in your pocket with no worries. This is the first time I have seen this particular feature in a regulated mini-mod.

I was so intrigued by this feature that I had to put it to the test. I twisted the locking ring down and then tried to press it. The button is stiff and will not go down no matter how many times I tried.

  • 41mm by 23mm by 58mm
  • Integrated 1050 mAh Battery
  • 25W Maximum Output
  • Micro USB Charge Port
  • Oversized Firing Button
  • Threaded Lock Single Button Control
  • Threadless Compact Recessed-Style Tank
  • LED Battery Life Indicator

The GS Baby Tank:

  • Measures 16.5 mm x 57mm
  • Holds 2 mils of e-liquid
  • Uses GS Air coils
Kit Contents
  • Eleaf iStick Pico Baby 1050mAh Mod
  • Eleaf GS Basal Tank
  • Two GS Air 0.75 ohm Coil
  • One Magnetic 510 Adapter
  • One Charging Cable
  • Spare Parts
  • User Manual

Build Quality and Design

The design is simple and I like the magnetic adapter for the tank. It drops right in and will not fall out. The magnets are strong and hold the tank firmly in place. The locking ring might be a “con” for some, but I didn’t find it to be for me. It does seem a bit odd for the firing button to be on top of the mod with the locking ring, in mechanical mods it is on the bottom. It’s not a bad design it is just different. It takes a little getting used to when you are normally accustomed to a smaller firing button on the top or side of the mod.


I took this little mod with me on a 3-day trip to the lake and had a great time with it. It is very durable and lightweight so I was able to just tuck it in my pocket while walking. I accidentally dropped it once while unpacking but it survived and there were no scratches or dings anywhere.

Ease of Use

The wattage is regulated by the .75 ohm coil head automatically so there is no adjusting or figuring out where to set the wattage. It is just a “vape and go” device. One-button functionality makes it extremely easy to use. The internal battery charges via the micro USB port and can be vaped while charging.


The compact size of this mod makes it great for stealth vaping because it is small enough to almost completely disappear in your hand. The tank sits recessed inside the mod, unlike others where the tank attaches to the top. The little window slot lets you see how much liquid is in your tank so you know when it needs refilling without having to pull it out to look.

Features and Functions

The features of this mod include the locking ring, integrated 1050 mAh High-Efficiency battery, and Magnetic 510 Adapter. The tank has a bottom-fill design and must be removed from the slot to fill. The magnetic adapter twists off to reveal a “hidden” 510 pin which means that this tank can be used on other mods by removing the adapter. Unscrew the adapter and the bottom section of the tank to change the coil head or fill the tank. Replace both pieces and the tank slides neatly back into the slot and is ready to use.


The price for this mod kit is between $32 and $34 dollars at most online retailers. I personally think it is a great price for a secondary or backup device as well as an extra tank that can be used on other mods. The versatility is a big plus.

Wattage and Power

The device is set to 25 watts and cannot be raised. The wattage is determined by the power of the battery and the coil head.

Battery Life

The battery life of the device is probably good for most average vapers, I tend to vape a lot and therefore needed to charge it more frequently. The 1050 mah battery charges in about 3 hours and lasts about the same amount of time, for me. It depends on your usage and how frequently you vape it.

What We Liked

+ Good build quality, compact design
+ 1-button function
+ Good flavor and vapor
+Locking ring for the fire button
+Magnetic 510 connection

What We Didn’t

Bottom-fill tank
The tank must be removed to fill and change airflow

Final Verdict

This is a nice little mod for someone just getting started vaping that wants a little more power and more vapor production. For more advanced vapers it would work well as a backup device or something to take with you for running errands. Although the tank uses GS Air coils and is capable of being used on other mods, the wattage for this device is set at 25 and that is perfect for beginners but experienced vapers may want something with higher wattage for an all-day vape. You can also check out all the mods we have reviewed here.