In the world of vaping, tobacco and menthol flavors can be refreshing. But sometimes you just want to vape a little outside the box. We’ve put together a list of some of the strangest, (and yet delectable) e-juice flavors on the market. Get your palettes ready, set, GO!


THE ELVIS (Firebrand)

firebrand elvis e liquid

You’re looking to vape, but also craving bananas, bacon and peanut butter all at once. (What can you say, it’s been a weird night.) Look no further than the brand Firebrand’s “The Elvis” Liquitine.

A delicious blend of savory, with just a dash of sweet. It’s sexy and weird, just like “The King” was himself.





malibu halo e liquid

Imagine a beachy party with giant vats of creamy Pina Coladas. Now imagine that you can put that inside your e-cig and vape it. You feel like you’re at the ocean with one smooth throat hit.

Maybe not quite as far out as “The Elvis,” but any e-juice that transports you to a surfboard is just weird enough to be awesome.





STONED SMURF (Alien Vapor)

stoned smurf alien vapor e liquid

Home of the Marijuana flavored e-liquids, Alien Vapor couldn’t just leave it at the Wacky Tobacky flavor (which they also have.)

Nope, not weird enough. They just had to add a dash of blue raspberry to the already pot-flavored delight. The result is a sweet, tangy, weedy masterpiece!








 not cho cheese apollo e liquid

Could it get any weirder? We think not and we love it! This limited edition e-juice from Apollo gives you that salty, cheesy chip flavor, dipped in an extra bowl of deliciousness.

This is a must-try for brave chip lovers!





 german chocolate beefcake mt. baker vapor

With a name like “German Chocolate Beefcake,” you’ve already entered the weird-zone. Chocoholics will get their fix, with an added caramel flavor.

But what makes this e-juice extra unique is the bonus taste of…not beef, as perhaps you were thinking…coconut!







FRUITY FUN CEREAL (Southbeach Smoke)

south beach smoke e liquid fruity fun cereal

Since they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, what better way to start it off than an e-liquid that tastes like all of your favorite cereals combined?

Like a bowl of the fruitiest, sugary snack, you get it all. Cherry flavor? Check. Lemon? You got it! And just when you thought you’d hit sweetness overload, a dash of graham cracker flavor emerges.




BUBBLEGUM (777 e-cigs)

777 e liquid bubble gum

Know how sometimes you want that poppy bubblegum flavor without all the chewing? Well here ya go. Triple Seven E-Cigs found a way to put their own spin on the popular bubblegum flavor.

They deliver that fresh sweet throat hit right to your tongue! (Note: Just because it tastes like gum doesn’t mean you can pop it. Now that would be TOO weird.)

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