Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA
9.9 / 5 Reviewer
Build Deck10
Liquid Capacity9.6
Vape Flavor10
Vapor Cloud10

The Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA is the product of a collaboration between Digiflavor and YouTube personality Rip Trippers. It has all the essentials of similar RTAs but with a few added options and a lot of accessories.

Product Name + Testing and Performance

I have had this RTA for about two weeks now and I am really liking how it performs. I took a little longer with it because I had some issues with assembling the pieces when changing the tank over to the 5 mil version. I practiced with it a few times and now I love it. Here are some specs for it and a breakdown on how it performed during the testing.

  • 24mm X 48mm in 2 mil mode
  • 24mm X 55mm in 5 mil mode
  • Protruding gold-plated 510 pin
  • Dual bottom adjustable airflow
  • Spring-loaded T-bone style clamp system
  • Available in stainless steel and matte black
Kit Contents
  • Pharaoh Mini RTA
  • 810 acrylic drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Delrin 510 drip tip
  • Extra glass tank 2 mil
  • Extra glass tank 5 mil
  • Extender for 5 mil tank
  • Tri-tool and spare O-rings
  • 5 mil extension locking screw
  • Extra screws, springs, and locking tool

Build quality and design

This TRA is constructed from 304 quality stainless steel and is very sturdy in my opinion. It has that heavy feel to it and the finish on it keeps it from collecting fingerprints and smudges. It has a sandblasted finish so it’s smooth but not shiny. I also happen to love the Ulrem drip tip that comes with it. It’s very comfortable and does not get hot ever.

The barrel does seem a little too big like it is crowded in the tank. Even with the 5 mil tank, it doesn’t feel like you’re really getting 5 mils in there. It doesn’t seem that big in the smaller version, maybe because the shorter tank is more rounded and not so tall. This is just my observation though, it doesn’t change how it vapes at all.

Build Deck

The deck is really easy to build on. The clamps are spring-loaded so once you have your coil built, you just slide the lead under and tighten down the screws. There is a wide space there for large builds or thick wires.

There are side channels for the wicks. After trimming your wicks tuck the cotton into the side slots loosely. You don’t want to pack it tightly because you can get dry hits if the cotton doesn’t get saturated enough.

A trick I learned from another builder is to trim one side of the wicks diagonally so they fit, but it’s not compacted with cotton. This method worked perfectly for me.

Tank Capacity

I like large tanks so I really like the inclusion of the bigger glass tank. I like to fill up once a day and vape all day long so this is a plus for me. The smaller tank is included for those who have the compliance issues for 2 mils only.


If you remove the glass tank and look just at the metal construction, this tank is very durable. I haven’t had the occasion to drop it yet but I think if I did it would survive with no damage.

Ease of Use

As far as building on it, filling it, and vaping on it, this is really easy to use. Once you get past the assembly issues for the different tank sizes, it is a breeze to use. This is fast becoming one of my favorite atomizers.

Vaping Experience

Using the Pharaoh has been very enjoyable for me. At first, I wasn’t so sure about it because of all the parts and pieces to change it. I was a little intimidated to try it because it all seemed so complicated, but once I sat down with it and took it apart and reassembled it a few times I felt more confident with it. Once I started vaping on it though, I couldn’t put it down.


I love the top-fill design because it is so easy to open the cap and fill the tank. The juice ports are large so if you have large bottle tips they will easily fit in there. I have just poured juice from a medicine cup because the bottle tip was too small and took forever to fill the tank. The ports are wide enough to pour in without dripping or overflowing as some do.


I haven’t really had any issues with leaking. It does have the juice flow control, so if you want to top off your juice when it’s about halfway you will need to remember to close of the juice flow before opening the top. If you wait until it is closer to being empty then there is no worry of leaking if you don’t close them off. It is only when there is still juice in the tank because of the vacuum seal.


The vapor production from this RTA is good as well. It’s a toss-up to me about whether it has better flavor or vapor, it does both really well. I get a lot of vapor and the clouds are thick and fluffy. For those cloud chasers, you will definitely love this one, and if you go more for flavor then it has that covered as well.


The Pharaoh mini has some pretty great flavor. I don’t know if it is the build I have in it or the smooth conical dome-shape at the top, but whatever it produces the best flavor I have had from an RTA so far. I tested this using a sweet and sour blue-raspberry and I could taste each one of the notes in the juice perfectly. I think I like this even more than my Griffin for flavor.

What We Liked

+ Juice flow control
+ Many options for drip tips
+ Top-fill design with large juice ports
+ Compatible with hybrid devices
+ Locking screw keeps tank firmly in place

What We Didn’t

Chamber takes up a lot of room in the tank


This RTA is priced at $25 – $30 through most online retailers. The price is really good for everything you get with this tank. So many options and so many accessories make this a great value for the money spent. I have spent $30 on tanks that come with a lot less and no options for a bigger tank size. This is one of our top rated RTA tanks available today. If you want to get all the info on the latest and greatest RDA’s or RTA’s, check out License to Vape’s RTA reviews here.

Final Verdict

This is a great tank overall, the ability to change from a 2 mil tank to a 5 mil tank, and the easy to build on deck make this a steal at less than $35. For all of these options, I would expect to pay more, but I like the fact that the price is affordable for anyone’s budget. There is also supposed to be a velocity-style deck, and postless style deck coming out in the near future. The inclusion of other deck options will increase its value even more.

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