Strawberry and watermelon combined with an old favorite, bubble gum. Three classic flavors in one e-liquid. This review is on the line of flavors from DripMore called Candy King. There are other types of juices in this line as well such as Tropical King, Milk King and Candy King on Salt.

About Candy King

DripMore is the manufacturer of the Candy King line of flavors. Candy King is one designation in this line for all flavors resembling popular candy flavors like bubble gum, sour batch, Swedish fish, and gummy worms. I could not find any history on the company such as where they originated from or their mission statement. I am always curious to know a little about the companies I buy my vape products from. Unfortunately, I did not find the information I was looking for. DripMore does have a website but does not list an “About US” page for any information about the company outside of its products.

My Stand on Candy Flavors

I was a little bit hesitant to review candy flavors due to the issues in vaping and the flavors debate. But these are flavors that appeal to adults as well. I think as long as the manufacturers change the packaging to reflect a more mature look and don’t design them to look like candy packages currently on store shelves, it should be alright. As I mentioned before in other reviews I love skittles, Swedish fish and watermelon jolly ranchers and I would vape these flavors as well. As long as we are responsible for packaging that reflects adult consumers there shouldn’t be a problem.

My Experience With Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum

This flavor comes in a large economy size bottle of 100ml for $24.95 at a 20PG/80VG blend. I am testing this juice on a Lush RDA with a 0.62-ohm atomizer on my T-Priv 220W mod. I always test new flavors on clean cotton so I know I’m getting the true flavor of the juice every time. I have the wattage set to 50W and the flavor and vapor production are both very good. The flavor gets more intense if you turn up the wattage, which is fine be

On the inhale, I get a light strawberry flavor. On the exhale, the watermelon kicks in followed by a very mild bubble gum flavor. The gum flavor at the end is very subtle and brings it all together in a very nice, enjoyable flavor. If you’re a fan of strawberry or watermelon gum you will definitely like this one.

The throat hit is very smooth for a 6mg nicotine strength. The strawberry and watermelon flavor are sweet like you’d expect for a candy flavor and the bubble gum is very light. The flavors come together nicely without any one flavor overpowering any of the others. Candy King flavors are available in 0, 3, and 6mg nicotine strength and all are the same 20/80VG formulation. These are mostly for dripping on low resistance RDAs.

Vape Flavor

The flavor is nice and sweet. I could see myself using this as an all day vape. I love watermelon and strawberry so I would definitely buy this flavor again. It is not too sweet, just a nice balance of flavors. I have heard good things about some of the other flavors in the line as well and will be adding them to my list of juices to review.

Vapor Cloud

This formulation is a 20PG/80VG juice and clouds are plentiful. The high VG content produces big, fluffy clouds of sweet tasting vapor. It smells really good as well. Vape this while sitting in the car and you’ll fog up your windows quickly.

What We Liked

+ Nice sweet flavor
+ Good vapor production
+ High VG ratio
+ Economy-sized bottles

What We Didn’t

Nothing really to dislike about this juice


This 100 ml bottle was $24.95 and will last me about a month or so. These large bottles are a great value because you can stock up on them for a low price and have juice for a long, long time. This is a really good value for the money. These big bottles last a good long time, especially for light to average vapers.

Final Verdict

I like this flavor by Candy King and will be checking some of the others very soon. If you like fruit flavors and bubble gum, you’ll love this flavor. It tastes very similar to the flavor of “Hubba Bubba’ bubble gum. It’s a very nice flavor and something you can vape without overdoing it. There is no harshness in the e-liquid at all so there is nothing to irritate your throat with extended vaping.