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Electronic cigarettes are great for smokers looking to kick the habit, but what about people who enjoy a fine cigar after dinner or at the poker game? Enter electronic cigars. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more difficult for cigar smokers to enjoy a finely rolled Cuban. The beauty of a high quality e-cigar is that it has all the great taste of a cigar, but none of the over-powering smell. But cigar smokers can be very picky. How do you know which e-cigar is the best one for you?

Good electronic cigars look and feel almost exactly the same as a real cigar. The only difference is the lack of smell and the lack of a need to ash the cigar. If you vape a high quality cigar, people at a distance won’t be able to tell the difference between real and electronic. Most e-cigars even have an LED light in the tip that makes it look like the hot red cherry of a lit cigar.

Most disposable electronic cigars will last quite a few vaping sessions. You will definitely be able to take it out for numerous rounds of golf or a number of poker games.

There is no way true cigar aficionados will make the switch to electronic cigars if the experience of vaping is totally different than the real smoking experience. The flavor and taste of the vapor needs to be just right. And the e-cigar needs to produce a thick, deep vapor just like real cigar smoke. Puffing on a cigar is a unique experience and e-cigars need to replicate that specific act. The best e-cigars look, taste, feel and produce vapor that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. The best electronic cigars that I tried had a very strong taste and produced thick clouds of vapor, but didn’t have any odor at all.

You need to be willing to spend some money for a mid to high level electronic cigar, otherwise you will be disappointed. But if you shell out a few bucks and get a high quality e cigar, I guarantee you’ll feel like you are smoking the real thing.

The Best Electronic Cigars Of 2024

 As Delicious As A Real Cuban

Vapor4Life E-Cigar King Kit
vapor4life e-cigar king starter kit Vapor4Life E-Cigar King Kit

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Now cigar aficionados can enjoy the smoking sensation of a fine cigar anywhere, anytime without any
hassle – at bars, restaurants, cars, home, and at work too. The E-Cigar King is the perfect complement to any line of conventional cigars. Vapor4Life literally traveled the world from Nicaragua to Panama to Cuba to search for the finest cigars in the world. They designed and perfected a powerful, yet simple e-cigar that mimics a real Cuban. For when you want the real taste, but can’t smoke the real thing.E-Cigar King Starter Kit comes with:1 E-Cigar King Battery
1 USB Wall Adapter
1 USB Charging Cable
1 USB Car Adapter
3 Prefilled E-Cigar King Cartomizers (Ligero, Maduro, Cubana Blend)
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Try the Vapor Zeus and receive a one year warranty!

Great Cigar Taste, Fantastic Value

ePuffer E900 E-Cigar Kit
epuffer e900 ecigar starter kit ePuffer E900 E-Cigar Kit

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The new EPUFFER E900 Electronic cigar comes in two parts – a rechargeable lithium Inteli battery with a built-in micro computer and a disposable atomized cartridge that plugs into the battery. ePuffer’s unique EAZE™ Atomization Technology means that each cartridge has a built-in atomizer that heats up a water solution, which in turn produces a fresh and great tasting vapour that can be inhaled and enjoyed just like a real cigar. The eCigar gives cigar smokers the opportunity to smoke wherever they like but without jeopardising their health or exposing others to the dangers of passive smoking.
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ePuffer - Your New Sensation!

Fresh Take On The E-Cigar

NEwhere BOSS Disposable E-Cigar
newhere boss e cigar zero nicotine NEwhere BOSS Disposable E-Cigar

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Introducing, the ZERO Nicotine, NEwhere BOSS E-Cigar. Smoke like a BOSS with up to 1000
incredible puffs of the sweet summer flavor of watermelon and the vapor production that rivals
traditional hookahs. The NEwhere BOSS E-Cigar is the first hookah flavored E-Cigar of its kind
with a sophisticated design and luxurious packaging. It looks and feels like the real thing. The
BOSS is also available in Orange Pineapple flavor.
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NEwhere E-Cigars