What Are Drip Tips?

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Drip tips are hollow mouthpieces that fit onto the top of e-cigarette clearomizers and drippers. Drip tips come in a huge range of sizes, shapes and materials. There are some really great looking drip tips out there, shaped like skulls, bullets or anything imaginable.

The hollow centre tends to differ in size and usually the wider the hollow center, the bigger the vapor production is. The hollow centre allows the user to drip e-liquid directly onto the coil of the atomizer and thereby, engage in what is known as “dripping”.

Dripping is a term you might have heard on many vaping sites or forums and refers to the art of dripping your e-liquid straight onto the coil or bridge of an atomizer, without the e-liquid being stored in a tank.

Why Would You Use Drip Tips?

Many vapers either love or hate dripping. You will hear from most vapers that dripping your e-liquid produces crazy amounts more vapor than a conventional tank system. For those who are looking for big vapes then dripping is the way forward. The much larger vapor production also means that you get a much bigger throat hit than you usually would.

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If you’re new to vaping you might start coughing if you try dripping for the first time, as the vape production is really insane. Another benefit of dripping is that the flavour of the e-juice gets intensified and thus tends to taste a lot better than it would with a tank!plume veil drip tips

The reason why I say some love or hate dripping is that you can only have a few vapes at a time before having to drip new e-juice back onto the coil. This for some is just too much of a pain in the a**. That’s why many vapers tend to stick to a tank approach, as you can use the tank for many hours until the e-liquid runs out. This is a much more convenient method, especially if you are out and about or cannot be bothered to constantly drip e-liquid onto your coils.

Should I Start Dripping?

Many who start dripping instantly fall in love with it and thus it can turn into quite an expensive hobby, if you are not careful! If you want to seriously get into dripping, I would advise buying a rebuildable dripping style atomizer, which is made purely for dripping. These will most often fit onto any battery with a 510 connection. These dripping style atomizers will often need you to insert the coils and wick yourself. Sometimes you will need to make the coils yourself, so if you are doing it for the first time I would recommend watching some instructional videos on Youtube.

A great starting atomizer would be the Plume Veil Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Obsessive which comes with the wick and coils already inserted. You can find this atomizer and tons of others at great one stop vaping shops like Madvapes and Mt. Baker Vapor. Vaping and RIP Trippers do some good videos on how to build and set up your own dripping atomizer.

I would recommend watching a good few videos before you try it yourself. Once you have watched some videos and are ready to go, enjoy making your first dripping set up and enjoy the awesome amounts of vape and intense flavours!

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