E-liquid flavors are subjective to the tastes of the individual. There are many brands and flavors out on the market and one way to find out about them is to check out reviews of the product. This review is on one of those e-liquid brands by the name of Beard Vape.Co and the flavor is number “71”. Why does it go by a number and not a name or description? Read more to find out.

About Beard Vape.Co

I like to find out a little bit about the e-liquids and the company that makes them in these reviews. It helps to familiarize me to the names and flavors I’ve tried and lets me accurately recommend products to friends and family that I liked.

Beard Vape.Co was founded by three guys who worked in a vape shop in California. They were already creating e-liquids for the shop and decided that they could come up with their own flavors based on their favorites. And so Beard Vape Company was born. Their entire line of e-liquids are numbered instead of named, and the reason this was done is that they originally created 100 flavors and tested them among friends and customers.

Each juice was assigned a number from 1 to 100 and based on the demand from people who liked their flavors they decided to keep the numbers as is because that was how they were known to the customers who were buying them. Why mess with a good thing, right? They stuck with the number system and it’s working well.

My Experience With No# 71 from Beard Vape.Co

I discovered that number 71 is supposed to be a sweet and sour peach flavor similar to the candy peach rings. Peachy-type flavors can either be a fresh peach flavor or a candy peach flavor but sometimes the flavor is artificial and leaves an aftertaste in your mouth.

It smelled really good when I opened the bottle and gave it the sniff test. It smelled like those bags of gummy peach rings you find in discount stores in the candy aisle. The description of the flavor is taken from the Beard Vape Website:

“Candy lovers, rejoice! NO. 71 is a sweet & sour sugar peach unlike any other because there is no other. Continuing its tradition of top-shelf flavor, Beard Vape Co. turned everyone’s favorite gummy candy into a tasty E-liquid.”

I can say that this description is very accurate to what the juice actually tastes like. It has a very peachy flavor on the inhale, and then a smooth creamy flavor with just a hint of sour at the end. You don’t really taste the sourness much. It is only slight and the creamy flavor blends it away. You definitely get the sweetness of gummy peaches dipped in sugar at the beginning, and then a creamy finish that is really nice.

Vape Flavor

The flavor is that of candy peach rings with a creaminess to it. It’s not like peaches and cream at all. It’s a candy flavor with just a hint of sour. It’s very good though, a nice sweet flavor and something you could vape all day if you like peach flavor. It is not overpowering or overly sweet, just a nice balance of sweet and creamy blended into an easy to vape mix.

Vape Cloud

This is a 70VG/30PG juice so it makes some pretty awesome clouds. It depends on your device and the wattage but most e-liquids with this formulation perform well in vapor production.

At 70W on my Lush RDA, the vapor produced was thick and rich tasting. I also tried it in my Uforce tank at 45W and got some equally nice plumes of vapor from it. It works well in tanks and RDAs, just make sure your atomizer can handle thicker juices.

I believe this is the only formulation it is available in, I didn’t see any other choices. It is available in 30 and 60 ml bottles and 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg nicotine strength.

What We Liked

+ Nice, sweet peach flavor
+ No artificial taste at all
+ Good vapor production
+ Premium e-liquid at a good price

What We Didn’t

They need to start making larger size bottles. Other than that, I didn’t find any reason not to like it.


The price for the 30 ml bottle is $24.99 and $35.99 for the 60 ml bottle. These are good prices for such a good-tasting juice. I could definitely vape this all day and I love peaches so it works for me. It is a premium juice so you are paying for a higher-quality product and you can tell by the flavor that it is a high-quality product. This type of juice requires a longer processing and steeping time to get the flavors just right.

I would like to see larger bottles come out though. I think 120 to 240 ml would be great for economy size bottles. I would buy it in those sizes and I think most vapers would as well. People like value so make bigger bottles and people won’t mind paying a little more for something they enjoy already.

Final Verdict

I like this flavor, it is something I enjoy and would vape on a regular basis. If you like peach flavor, especially candy peach, then give this one a try. It has a good flavor and decent-sized bottles for the price. I would recommend this brand and flavor to my family and friends because it has been proven to be a good quality product and good value for the money. You’ll definitely want to buy two bottles if you vape it as I do.