More and more cigarette smokers are using an e-cig to quit smoking. We aren’t medical experts so we won’t editorialize on the negative or positive aspects of e-cigs vs. traditional cigarettes. What we can do is help cigarette smokers avoid three common traps when using an e-cig to quit smoking.

Trap #1: Don’t Forget The Nicotine


When you’re saying goodbye to cigarettes, remember it’s the nicotine in tobacco that is addictive. So if you’re using an e-cig to quit smoking, try to choose one with a lower nicotine content. The good news is that e-cigs offer delicious e-liquid options with little to no nicotine at all! One of the many great things about vaping is you have the choice to taper the nicotine levels at a pace that feels comfortable to YOU!

Trap #2: Having A Good Day? Don’t Cheat!

Don’t make the same mistake dieters do. We’ve all been there. You’re “good” all day, eating salads and vegetables and then 8:00PM hits and you’re like, “Surely, a slice of cheesecake won’t hurt.” Then that one slice becomes the entire cake, plus French fries, ice-cream and anything else you can get your hands on. But it’s okay, right? Because you ate so well earlier? You can’t imagine why your “diet” is causing you to GAIN weight every week! The same thing goes for e-cigs. Just because you vape all day, doesn’t mean you should binge on traditional cigarettes. Let the healthy e-cig alternative be enough!

Trap #3: Don’t Vape Where You Wouldn’t Smoke

Just because you’re vaping instead of exhaling smoke, doesn’t mean you should blow the vapor toward non-e-cig vapers. As a smoker, you probably picked up a lot of habits, which e-cigs can really help you kick. But try not to repeat some of the less-than-classy rituals. Be courteous and ask before you vape indoors!

Are any of you readers currently using e-cigs to quit smoking? What are some other traps you have encountered?

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