Arizer Extreme Q
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Arizer is a Canadian company that manufactures the Arizer Extreme Q, Air, Air 2, Solo, and Solo 2 vaporizers. The Extreme Q is a dual purpose vaporizer that works with a ballon or whip system and allows the user to control the temperature settings by a remote control.

If you are looking for a desktop vaporizer in best online vape stores you are probably asking the question, “Volcano or Arizer Extreme Q?” Well, both are made by reputable companies, both are made of high-quality materials, but only one offers so many options for customizing your vaping experience.

Arizer Extreme Q Testing and Performance

The Extreme Q is considered a “multi-purpose” vaporizer. You have the option of using it with the balloons, the whip (plastic tubing), or with the mini whip. It has a remote control but you can also set the temperature using the buttons on the front of the unit as well.

It has a 3-speed fan that is very quiet and can be used to fill the balloons or as an added boost with the whip system. You can also use the bags or the whips with your favorite water pipe or bubbler. It is all about getting the vape you want out of it. There are little tweaks that people use to make the vapor a little more concentrated like heating the bowl for a few extra minutes before taking a draw from the whip or filling the balloon.

This is my first desktop vaporizer and I have spent the past two weeks getting to know it. Despite reading the instructions it still took me some time to get it working right. Having never used one of these before, it was trial and error to find what worked the best for me. Here are some specs for this vaporizer as well as an overview of how it performs.

  • 6 x 6 x 7.5 inches
  • Temperature from 122 – 500 F
  • For use with dry herbs
  • Convection heating
  • Precise digital temperature control
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Boro-silicate glass parts
  • Convenient remote control
  • Audio/Beep Tone
  • Auto Shut-Off Timer
  • Whisper quiet 3-speed fan
  • Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
Kit Contents
  • Extreme Q multi-purpose heater
  • Extreme Q power adapter
  • Extreme Q remote control
  • (2) Glass cyclone bowl
  • Glass aromatherapy dish
  • (2) Interchangeable glass whip mouthpiece
  • Glass stirring tool
  • (1) 3’ Whip (silicone)
  • (1) All-glass mini whip
  • (2) Balloons with frosted glass mouthpiece
  • Spare flat screen
  • Spare dome screen
  • Sample aromatic botanicals
  • Instruction Manual

Build quality and design

The design is actually very nice. It looks more like an art deco piece than a vaporizer. It sits nicely on a table or desk, unobtrusively and takes up very little space. It has Blue colored LED lights on the bottom that give it an elegant look.


It seems to be very durable and sturdy. The base sits flat with no movement and the ceramic heating element is firmly attached to the unit. All the pieces that come with it fit securely together.

Ease of Use

If you are familiar with whip-style vaporizers then this will be pretty easy. It took me a little while of practicing with it to get a good amount of vapor using the fan-assist method with the whip.

Vaping Experience

The first few times I use it I used the balloon delivery method because it seemed easier to me. I got a good amount of vapor from it and it worked really well. I did have to hold my finger over the top of the tube because it does not have a valve to close it off.

Once I felt a little more comfortable with it I tried the whip method with the fan and that was okay, I didn’t get as much vapor from it as I did the balloon.

And finally, I tried the mini whip and that worked pretty well for me too. I liked it and the balloon. I didn’t get a whole lot of vapor the first few times I tried it and that was probably just me. After a little practice and letting the bowl heat a little longer it produced better, thicker vapor.

3 In 1

This is for dry herb only, it is not meant for isolates or liquids. There is a little adapter you can use for potpourri for room freshening after use.


It is very solid and durable. It is made of high-quality materials and the glass connections and pieces are all made from really thick glass. I’m sure it is not uncommon to drop one of the glass bowls but you should be able to get replacements parts from Arizer if that does happen.


The process of heating and vaporizing is very efficient. You just set the temperature on the remote and wait for it to reach the desired temperature. Since you can customize your vape experience in different ways it lives up to the description of being a multi-purpose vaporizer.

What We Liked

+ Easy to use
+ Whisper quiet fan
+ Extras and accessories
+ Light-weight and durable
+ Made of high-quality materials
+ Made of high-quality materials
+ Temperature control w/remote

What We Didn’t

No valve on balloon
The glass bowl gets a little hot
Waiting 2 minutes for the balloon to fill


I have seen this vaporizer listed for $149 – $239 through various retailers. Many are out of stock so it is popular with a lot of new vapers. You get a lot of extras with this kit and some really nice accessories ( glass stir tool, aromatherapy bowl) so I feel that it is a good value for everything that comes with it.

Final Verdict

It is not quite as convenient as the Volcano but then again it is also priced a lot less. The big difference here is the balloon system. This vaporizer doesn’t have the valve in the balloon like the Volcano, but the rest of the features and all of the accessories that it comes with makes up for that. This is a good starter vape for someone looking for a first-time desktop model.