Our Apollo E Cig review reveals that the Apollo is somewhat of a “hipster” e-cig – not as well known as the most popular brands, but just as good –  if not better –  than most. If Daft Punk were an e-cig (13 years ago) this would be it. (My girlfriend just punched me in the arm for writing that, but you get the idea.)


Vaping Experience:  10 out of 10

The Apollo provides an excellent smoking experience with consistently great vapor production on each inhalation, an extremely smooth hit, and each drag requires less effort than a real cigarette. This is a premium vaping experience at an economy cost. Mark my words, Apollo is giving V2 a run for its money.

Price:  9 out of 10 

For our Apollo E Cig review, I purchased the Apollo Extreme Starter Kit for $54.95. This is a few dollars cheaper than the Colibri Nano starter kit and offers almost exactly the same accessories.

The Apollo kit comes with two “extreme” batteries that earn their name from their slightly longer length and usage time. The starter kit comes with one five-pack of cartomizers. It also includes the standard wall and USB charger. Apollo throws in a bonus car charger as well.

Overall, you’re getting a starter kit that comes with a bit more accessories than usual for a price that’s a bit lower than usual. I call that a hell of a good deal.

apollo e cig review starter kit 

Hardware:  9 out of 10

Apollo shares another quality with the Colibri Nano – its color. You can choose between black and white and I would highly recommend the black color. It’s sleek and stylish and, just like the Colibri, it elicited approving comments from a few females, much to the dismay of my girlfriend.

The Apollo Extreme batteries produce a fantastically thick cloud of vapor with each puff, but the battery itself is extra-long and a bit unwieldy. I wish one of these companies would figure out how to make a standard cigarette-sized, longer-lasting battery with great vapor production. One can only dream.

Apollo also offers blank cartomizers that you can fill yourself with e-liquid – either from Apollo or homemade. This is an innovative offering from a company that looks poised to make big moves in the vaping market.

For more info on Apollo Ecigs, you can check out an interview with the founder of the company, Rick Lee.

Flavors:  8 out of 10

Our Apollo E Cig review covers the only flavor that came with our starter kit – standard tobacco at a strength of 16mg. This flavor was good but not great. It’s close to tasting like the real thing – and it’s smooth – but it doesn’t offer the great flavor of the V2 or the innovative take on standard tobacco like Colibri.

Apollo offers four other flavors – cherry, coffee, menthol and vanilla – and I will update this review after I sample them all. It’s important to note that Apollo offers an extra high nicotine level at 24mg.

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Apollo E Cig Review Final Score:  9 out of 10


Apollo E Cig Review for 2024
9 / 5 Reviewer
Ease of Use9