The Ammit 25 RTA
9.5 / 5 Reviewer
Build Deck9.1
Liquid Capacity10
Vape Flavor9.3
Vapor Cloud9.3

If you liked the original Geekvape Ammit RTA you’ll be happy to hear that they have come out with yet another version of it. It is a single coil RTA that packs a dual coil punch. Continue reading to find out more about it.

Ammit 25 RTA Testing and Performance

I explored around some best online vape stores and have spent the last couple of weeks testing out the Geekvape Ammit 25. It is a single coil RTA that vapes like a dual coil atomizer. I was surprised that I got so much vapor from just a single coil. I used a 3.5 mm coil reading at .04 at 60W and it was fantastic. I started out at 45, then 50, 55, and finally settled on 60W as my preferred “sweet spot”. Here are a few specs for this atomizer and a breakdown on how it performs.

  • 24.5 mm X 48mm in 2 ml
  • 24.5 mm X 55 mm in 5ml
  • Protruding gold-plated 510 pin
  • Dual bottom adjustable airflow
Kit Contents
  • Geekvape Ammit 25 RTA
  • Pre-installed 2ml glass
  • Replacement 5ml expansion glass
  • Expansion glass adapter
  • 810 drip tip adapter top cap
  • Set of spare parts
  • Screwdriver

Build quality and design

The basic design of the Ammit 25 is very similar to some other great products. It is an upgrade from the original Ammit and functions like the Kylin and Pharaoh with the adjustable tank sizes. The RTA itself is very nice-looking, it has the Ammit name etched on the barrel and “Geekvape” lettering across the edge of the top cap. It looks good on all my mods.

Build Deck

Here is where it gets interesting, in the build deck. This one is different from some of the other RTAs I own as it has you putting your coil in with the leads facing under, not over. You build your coil with your leads facing out instead of forward like you would if you were putting them into post-holes. There is a hole where you put one lead and the other one slides into the opening under the other. This is a single coil atomizer and it works pretty great on just one coil.

The airflow comes from underneath and on the sides so you have lots of air hitting your coil with every draw.

The wicks fit into the side port but need to be carefully fitted so as not to be too little or too much. If they’re too thick you’ll end up with dry hits.

Tank Capacity

I like big tanks so I love the 5 mil option and that is what I have been using it in. With the large tank, it holds 5 mils of e-liquid which is enough to last me all day on one fill. I vape a lot and this works for me. It also comes with a 2 mil option for those countries with the TPD compliance regulations.


Without the glass tank section, this device feels very sturdy and would no doubt stand up to some wear and tear. It is well-made and very durable. If you drop it (I haven’t yet, so I can’t say) it would most likely survive with maybe only a scratch or two.

Ease of Use

Aside from the build deck, once you have it assembled, wicked, and juiced the rest is easy. It is very easy to use, just like any other standard RTA it works the same. It is also easy to take apart for cleaning and changing your coils. All the threads on the individual sections are smooth and go on and come off very smoothly.

Vaping Experience

Once I built my coil and got it wicked (took me a few tries to get it just right) and juiced up I set my wattage at 50W which is where I like to start. The Geekvape website suggests you can use this up to 70W but that ended up being a little too warm for me. I like cool to warm vapes and this worked great for me at about 60W. I got good flavor and some nice big vapor clouds.


This is a top-fill tank and is easy to fill. You just unscrew the top cap and place your bottle tip into one of the large juice holes and fill the tank. I like to leave just a bit of room at the top to avoid spill over when tightening the cap. But I didn’t have any issues with that either.


I did have a little bit of leaking with this but I think it was more due to my error of not using enough cotton. With these types of tanks, if you don’t get just the right amount you will either have leaking ( from too little) or dry hits (from too much). I tend to go on the too little side because I hate dry hits and having to take my tanks apart when they’re full to fix those issues.


I have consistently got great vapor from all of Geekvape products, they have the design and functions on this down. It produces great volumes of vapor and the flavor is really good as well. I could very easily fog up a room with this RTA due to the massive amounts of vapor I got from it.


The flavor I get from this RTA is nice and crisp. The flavor profiles of the blackberry ice cream flavor I tested this with were sweet and I could taste the sweet blackberries and smooth vanilla cream.

What We Liked

+ 2 drip tips
+ Huge fill port
+ TPD compliant
+ Smooth airflow
+ 2 size configurations
+ 810 and 510 compatible
+ Bottom and side airflow

What We Didn’t

No knurling on the top cap
Clipping wires can be difficult
Airflow is a little restrictive


I have seen the Geekvape Ammit 25 listed between $20 and $35 through various retailers and a lot of them are out of stock, so this is quite a popular item with coil builders and cloud chasers. It does come with a lot of accessories and I do think it is a good value for the price.

Final Verdict

I like all of Geekvape’s products, they consistently produce high-quality products and I recommend them very highly. I liked this RTA once I got my build in there and wicked it properly, but I have to say that it is somewhat difficult to build on and not something I would suggest to a beginner. It’s tight in there and clipping your leads just right to avoid shorts is tricky. Once you have it all together it works like a dream so I do like it, I would just say that it is more for the advanced vaper who is used to difficult builds.