We were really impressed with most of the 777 E Liquid flavors and are eager to try more. 777 definitely knows how to craft a fine throat hit. Click on any of the e-juice flavors or images to go to the 777 E Liquid site. We vaped the following 777 e liquid flavors:

777 Blend: 10 out of 10

triple seven e cigs liquid

This is one of our new favorite tobacco flavored e-juices from the brand. The throat hit is perfectly calibrated, strong enough to feel it, but smooth enough so it’s not irritating. There are hints of vanilla and caramel in the e-juice that we really enjoyed as well.

Price: $7.95 (15mL bottle)

Juicy Peach: 9 out of 10

777 e liquid juicy peach 

This is a solid member of the overpopulated “peach e-juice class.” This one rises above a lot of other choices due to the realistic peach flavor and the smooth throat hit. A small complaint but we actually would have preferred the throat hit to have just a little more kick.

Price: $7.95 (15mL bottle)

RY7 Tobacco: 10 out of 10

triple seven e liquid ry7

This tastes almost the same as a real tobacco cigarette. If you truly enjoy the taste of tobacco like we do, you’ll really dig this flavor. The throat hit is strong and smooth.

Price: $8.95 (15mL bottle)

Gold 7: 10 out of 10


This is another really tasty tobacco flavor with some subtle undertones of caramel and even apple. The tobacco is bold and when it’s paired with the sweetness of the caramel apple, it makes for quite a flavor. You can definitely feel the throat hit and it’s fantastically smooth. After repeated vapes, this became one of our go-to e-liquids.

Price: $7.95 (15mL bottle) 

Very Berry: 10 out of 10


If you like fruity flavors, you’ll definitely like this one. It’s a delectable combination of a ton of different berry flavors including (we think) blueberry, strawberry, blackberry and others. This flavor reminded me of my favorite dessert – berry pie. It’s perfect for vaping all day, as it’s not too heavy and not too sweet. The throat hit is smooth but you certainly know you’re vaping. Highly recommend this one.

Price: $7.95 (15 mL bottle)

Apple: 9 out of 10

777 e liquid e juice

This is a good flavor bordering on great. It’s another 777 e liquid that you can certainly vape all day and never tire of. The apple flavor is superb – sweet with a little bite. I only wish it was a little more tart, then it would have received a perfect score. As is, it’s still an excellent flavor. The throat hit is smooth and delicious.

Price: $7.95 (15mL bottle) 

Peppermint: 10 out of 10

777 e liquid review peppermint juice

I’m a huge, huge fan of peppermint e-liquids and this one is one of the best I’ve tried. It’s the perfect mix of peppermint flavor, refreshingly icy blast and strong throat hit. I like to vape it in the morning with a cup of coffee or after dinner with dessert. The flavor definitely keeps you on your toes. The throat hit is strong but not harsh. I highly recommend this 777 e liquid.

Price: $7.95 (15mL bottle)

Italian Creme: 8 out of 10

triple seven e liquid

This e-juice flavor came really close to nailing the flavor of the outrageously delicious Italian creme dessert. It was simply a little too sweet and the cake flavor was a little too subtle. That being said, it’s still really good, and I’m sure those of you who are sugar junkies will like it more than I did. The throat hit is super smooth.

Price: $7.95 (15mL)

Strawberry: 8 out of 10

777 e liquid

Exactly as the name suggests, but the flavor is a little too mild. If you’re gonna go for a fruity flavor, why not go all out? If you want just a hint of strawberry, you might like this flavor. Throat hit is very smooth.

Price: $7.95 (15mL bottle)