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I love being able to make homemade e-liquid. It’s fun and I enjoy making custom flavors. I recently gave some e-liquid to a friend and he said I should start selling my own homemade e-liquid online. I thought about how easy it would be, as there are very few barriers to entry when it comes to selling products online. Some e-liquid can even sell for almost a dollar per milliliter. It may be an easy way to make some extra money, but should I actually do it? Would anyone buy my homemade e-liquid?

The fact is there are no real standards for the production of homemade e-liquid. This is bad news for consumers, as they have no way of knowing where or how their e-liquid is being made. Just because someone has a nice looking website doesn’t mean they are making lab quality e-liquid.

homemade e-liquid

I’m sure there are a few e-liquid vendors mixing their e-liquid at home or in an office. Vendors aren’t going to be promoting the fact that they are mixing e-liquid in their home. In 2009 I had no problem buying homemade e-liquid. E-cigarettes were still kind of underground, but now I think that e-liquid vendors need to have customer safety as their top priority.

By this point I think most of us will agree that more regulation in the e-cigarette industry is a certainty. I’m beginning to feel like more stringent e-liquid regulations would be good for consumers. The thought of over-regulation scares most vapers and it scares me too. I don’t want so much regulation that the e-cigarette industry would be crippled. I also want to be able to make my own e-liquid for friends and family. I just don’t want some e-liquid vendor to sell a bunch of people contaminated e-liquid causing knee-jerk over regulation. I think this would be the ultimate price of homemade e-liquid being sold to consumers.

I personally feel that there are some questionable practices in the market today, especially around the production of e-liquid. If you are a vendor selling e-liquid that’s not made in a lab you should really question how safe your product is. You do have options. You can either start making your e-liquid in a lab or start purchasing e-liquid that is made and bottled in a lab. I think we can all agree that at this point selling homemade e-liquid isn’t worth the risk.

Maybe we need to start asking how and where our e-liquid is made. This isn’t just about our personal safety, it’s about the future of the e-cigarette industry.

What do you think? Should vendors be selling e-liquid for a profit if it’s made in their home or office? Do you care how or where your e-liquid is being made?

This is a guest post by Nathan, the head editor at a daily vaping deals and free vape sweepstakes website. Check out their DNA 30 mod sweepstakes going on right now.

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